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HYT H1 hydraulic machinery: go with the flow

Unless you live in ancient Egypt, China or Greece, you may never have seen the otherworldly HYT H1. Welcome to the past, welcome to the past. HYT’s hydraulic machinery H1 combines Swiss mechanical haute horology with the first fluid-based time interface since the ancient leaking “water clock”. The bimetallic bellows constitutes the technical and aesthetic core of the revolutionary HYT 101 movement. Each bellows acts as a reservoir for high-viscosity…

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HYT watch-H1

The new HYT H1 from HYT Watches, the hydraulic mechanical watchmaker, is the first watch with mechanical and fluid dynamic time indication. The watch uses two liquids to indicate the time. The second liquid is transparent and the second is green. They flow through the tube along the outer hour scale. The idea that led to H1 is simple, it consists of two flexible reservoirs fixed at six o’clock on…