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HYT H2 tradition

The HYT H2 tradition combines “hydraulics” with high-end timepieces, fusing seemingly completely different concepts together, producing a glorious effect.

On the morning of the wedding, prospective British brides wear or carry “old things, new things, borrowed things, blue things…”. She usually rides the wedding car with her father to church. After that, the lady who is about to get married will walk up the aisle of the church, tie her arm to her father, and he will “send her away.”

After the wedding, the newlyweds and guests will go to a suitable place for a “wedding breakfast”. After the meal, the bride’s father, the groom and the “groomsman” gave speeches in order.

The reason why the usual agreement is mentioned when “knotting” is that tradition provides a framework for many people to choose their lives. indeed. It is the concept of “traditional” that mitigates risks and imparts a sense of familiarity.

HYT replica is not a brand that I will immediately associate with “tradition”. The style of the clock can be properly described as avant-garde. In addition to traditional knowledge, the promise of “avant-garde” or “cutting-edge” design can often bring amazing freshness and technological advancement. However, according to its definition, the “cutting edge” concept represents a certain degree of risk. In addition, by abandoning conventions and knowledge gained over generations, a new idea, although technically excellent and well executed, may be just an out-of-reach step for conservative thinkers.

Since its establishment in 2012, HYT has been releasing innovative products full of modernity. The company is commendable for its courage in taking its own unique route along the business route from the fissure. The wisdom and bravery of this Swiss brand has won widespread praise and led to an enviable position in which demand exceeds supply.

Now, HYT combines breakthrough modern style and “hydraulic machinery” originality with reassuring “tradition”.

Companions of HYT will be familiar with the glass capillaries surrounding the dial area. This Neuchâtel-based company offers a series of models, each with the best pairing and distinctive color tones that represent the working conditions at the time. Personally, I always find the blue water-based liquid particularly attractive, and I still have the idea of ​​H1 iceberg.

The white lacquered hour ring on HYT H2 Tradition provides the first classicism. The pure appearance of the pure white surface provides an excellent foil for the black Roman numerals to communicate with the measured tones. Adjacent to the white ring, the golden details sparkle, adding a sense of luxury.

Under normal circumstances, the number of minutes on HYT H2 is indicated by the combination of the centered pointer and the minute ring surrounding the dial area. However, the HYT H2 Tradition displays the minutes on the white lacquered dial and is equipped with 4N gold. The sub-dial is shiny and uses black Arabic numerals and slender brush strokes to display the minutes. This element of the dial is reminiscent of timepieces of the past. The hollow blue pointer further enhances this retro style.

The smaller running seconds indicator is on a level slightly lower than the minute display. This exquisite height control method gives the long-term three-dimensional visual charm. Similarly, the white lacquered details, 4N gold and blue hands together enhance the sense of tradition.

HYT always attracts customers with its charming perspective. These bellows are located in the southern part of the dial and move up and down diligently. HYT H2 inherits this reputation in tradition, but in this case, it presents a beautifully decorated motherboard. The rhodium-plated nickel silver surface is decorated with diamond guilloches. HYT once again respectfully put the hat on the handmade craftsmanship of the past, and in the process showed a spectacular beauty.

The crown position indicator is located near 2 o’clock, with a shiny bevel and another blue pointer.

Although the hours, minutes and seconds are displayed unconventionally on the HYT H2 Tradition, the dial is still very clean and can communicate clearly with the wearer.

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