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Patek Philippe, why is it the “watch king”?

Relying on strength and complicated table. This year, Patek Philippe has two “big things”. The first is that Patek Philippe decided to discontinue production of the Nautilus 5711A steel case. The second thing is that Patek Philippe has launched a new “Yi Xian Tian” perpetual calendar 5236P. Patek Philippe “A Line of Sky” Perpetual Calendar 5236P One of the reasons why Patek Philippe wants to discontinue the steel case Nautilus…

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Richard Mille RM 21-01

Richard Mille launched a Limited-Edition RM 21-01 Tourbillon Aerodyne The goal of each watch manufacturing is to create a lifetime collector example using the most advanced design and technology. Richard Mille uses it as a leader in the watch industry because of this thinking process, especially new limited edition RM 21-01 manual winding gyro AERODYNE. Richard Mille RM 21-01 IS uses engineering materials and formulas from aerospace sectors 1. RM…

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A masterpiece of the era RM 71-02 TALISMAN self-winding tourbillon watch The radiance is radiant, the colors are blooming; the gems are bursting brightly. Two years after the classic black and white RM 71-01 came out, the new RM 71-02 Talisman self-winding tourbillon watch ushered in the pinnacle of color in the universe of RICHARD MILLE. There are ten models in this series, each of which is limited to 7…