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Best Breitling Endurance Pro

The name of Endurance Pro is a new name, but the dial and hands are basically derived from the current generation Aerospace Evo (coming out around 2013). Breitling actually solved a problem with the design on Endurance Pro, that is, the hands have been polished and should be frosted. Otherwise, Endurance Pro is a fully analog chronograph version of Aerospace Evo with a Breitlight carbon fiber case. Please note that…

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Breitling Chronomat Automatic 36

Christmas is coming, the watch will accompany you through warm moments Towards the end of the year, wonderful festivals followed one after another, and a festive atmosphere filled the air. On this Christmas season, the Watch House selects three best timepieces to wrap the romance and warmth around the colorful Christmas, praising the romantic holiday, and delivering sincere blessings. Breitling Mechanical Chronograph Automatic Mechanical Watch 36 Product model: A10380591L1A1Watch diameter:…

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Breitling Aviation Chronograph 8 (BREITLING NAVITIMER 8): a tribute to one of the greatest achievements in the history of watchmaking Breitling, known for its chronograph watches and profound aviation heritage, has launched a new aviation chronograph 8 watch series (Navitimer 8). The series is named after the number “8” to pay tribute to the Breitling “Huit Aviation Flight Division” founded by Willy Breitling, the third-generation heir of the brand in…