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A masterpiece of the era RM 71-02 TALISMAN self-winding tourbillon watch

The radiance is radiant, the colors are blooming; the gems are bursting brightly. Two years after the classic black and white RM 71-01 came out, the new RM 71-02 Talisman self-winding tourbillon watch ushered in the pinnacle of color in the universe of RICHARD MILLE. There are ten models in this series, each of which is limited to 7 pieces, all of which are immersed in the essence of the 1970s.

Marked by the rise of club culture and the birth of electronic music and disco music, this decade has witnessed the vigorous vitality of those urban nightlife lovers. Their most beautiful and glamorous side is only present when night falls. Cécile Guenat, creative and development director of RICHARD MILLE, interprets the distinctive and passionate individualism of the disco era in a new way. In the 1970s culture where all walks of life gather together, she has captured the dexterous interweaving of light, sound and color: from the heartbeat rhythm of popular singles, the decoration of Studio 54 (54 club), the sparkling gold and silver brocade and the whole body Fashions decorated with sequins…Ten watches, each showing off its strength and beauty.

For the first time, RICHARD MILLE has incorporated such a rich variety of colors and gemstones in a watch. Tsavorites, brilliant spessartine garnets, amethysts, diamonds, spinels, rubies and sapphires gathered on the wrist, as if to perform a charming alchemy. The decorative dial is connected with energy and amulet spirit: black gallstone represents power, malachite represents inner harmony, lapis lazuli represents vision, Su Jishi represents guardianship, and pink opal represents healing. The new Talisman series carefully selects gems of symbolic significance, and outlines graceful geometric patterns on the entire case and dial, giving the work a unique appearance.

In order to ensure that the accuracy meets the expected requirements, RICHARD MILLE spent more than six months to determine the location of the gems one by one, which can be called a model of ingenuity. “The powerful charm of the disco era is reflected in the colorful and diverse colors and textures of gems.” Cecil ㆍ Gaynor explained, “I must find a way to make my idea practical. It turns out that I want to use gems in The copy watches for men is indeed a huge challenge. Because of the difference between size and setting, even gems with very similar colors may end up with completely different visual effects.”

Because of the differences in the arrangement of gemstones, inlaid patterns, carved shapes, and the central decorative dial with a thickness of only 0.90 mm, the ten watches have distinctive features and are quite different. However, these ten watches also have something in common, that is, they carry the CRMT1 from the main movement. In 2018, the CRMT1 movement was launched with the RM 71-01 Talisman self-winding tourbillon watch series. This is RICHARD MILLE’s eighth own movement, and it is the brand’s first self-winding tourbillon movement. The entire tourbillon device was developed after 1,000 man-hours, and finally integrated into the core part of the movement with a thickness of only 6.2 mm and a weight of only 8 grams. It is worthy of a real technical achievement. This movement is specially developed for daily wear and at the same time confirms RICHARD MILLE’s unremitting determination to pursue outstanding mechanical innovation.

This new series of watches fully interprets the superb artistic aesthetic taste and superb mechanical watchmaking technology. In addition, each watch in the entire series is equipped with a carefully designed exclusive bracelet. Each bracelet presents a charming two-tone, with low-key plant-themed patterns embossed at 12 o’clock and simple geometric patterns at 6 o’clock. The metal leather treatment process on the patent leather makes the gorgeous gems more visually impactful

Each RM 71-02 Talisman self-winding tourbillon watch series has undergone craftsmanship, exuding fascinating original energy, carrying the unquenchable soul of the passionate years, and the unfailing cultural heritage handed down to the world.