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Richard Mille RM 21-01

Richard Mille launched a Limited-Edition RM 21-01 Tourbillon Aerodyne

The goal of each watch manufacturing is to create a lifetime collector example using the most advanced design and technology. Richard Mille uses it as a leader in the watch industry because of this thinking process, especially new limited edition RM 21-01 manual winding gyro AERODYNE.

Richard Mille RM 21-01 IS uses engineering materials and formulas from aerospace sectors 1. RM 21-01 Cases come from red gold and carbon carbon carbon carbon carbon carbon carbon carbon, which provides a comfortable and light feeling, while increasing any safety effects. The transparent dial-up and back shells allow carefully to view the 6 o’clock indicator, which accounts for 70 hours of power reserves.

Richard Mille RM 21-01 Series restrictions, all of which engraved with the production number of the rear shell. The elegant luxury clock is a comfortable white rubber strap with red gold buckle.

Another new material: Richard Mille RM 21-01 aerodynamic gyro watches

Extraordinary intrinsic structures and innovative materials have created a stronger quality of the Richard Mille watch. The new RM 21-01 aerodynamic gyro wrist is due to the use of parts that meet the strict requirements, the design that can withstand extreme conditions can be used to fully inherit the essence of the brand, highlighting the inspiration from the aviation field.

RM 21-01 aerodynamic gyro watches
Carbon TPT® Carbon Fiber with 5n Red Gold Case, Time, Time, Type, Function Selector, Power Storage and Torque Indicator, RM21-01 Manual Locomic Move, RM21-01 214® Machine, Dynamic Storage 70 hours, sapphire crystal glass mirror and bottom cover, waterproof 50m, rubber strap.

Richard Mille created a brand new case for RM 21-01 aerodynamic gyro watches. The complex structure of the 5n red gilt case is composed of a lap and gauge column made of Carbon TPT® carbon fibers, further strengthening. This composite material is light and high, which superimposes hundreds of carbon fibers to the thin layer of hundreds of carbon fibers to exhibit a 45-degree angle, and then heated to 120 degrees in the autoclave, and then precipitated with micrometer The results of processing are processed.

Richard Mille first uses a blue PVD coated Haynes® 214® material to create a honeycomb orthogonal structure in the bottom plate, and elaborate the concept of aerodynamics.

This enhanced structure is like the armor to provide excellent protection, and is firmly fixed by 20 spline screws. The unique appearance of the Carbon TPT® carbon fiber layer is superior with red gold, and the blue honeycomb bottom plate is complemented. CARBON TPT® carbon fiber material is still adopted in the center of the bottom plate, and the Haynes® 214® material that passes through blue PVD coating is used to create a honeycomb orthogonal structure on the bottom plate, reflecting the concept of air flow. This nickel-chromium aluminum iron alloy can withstand a high temperature of 955 degrees Celsius. swiss watches prices

Heads can enjoy the RM21-01 manual upper chain machine core structure. Close to enjoy the honeycomb structure on the dial, the gyro frame and some movement parts.

It is resistant to high temperature, antioxidant characteristics, and can be molded and assembled in a conventional manner to make it particularly suitable as materials as an engine combustion chamber. Therefore, the bottom plate of RM 21-01 has an ideal rigid, lower thermal expansion coefficient and protruding torsional strength, which are essential features of the Richard mil watch. On the bridge material, the Richard Mille movement team still uses five-level titanium alloys, which is an excellent biocompatible titanium aluminum vanadium alloy, which is often used in aerospace sail, with extremely high rigid and excellent Corrosion resistance.

Located in the center of the bottom plate, the gyro-side bridge is fixed by four bodies on the round base of the hollow side, providing ideal mechanical properties for the rotation of the internal movable parts of the movement, and also let the gourn The beauty can be a view. This movement has passed the PVD treatment of 5n red, and the comparative change of the hosser material is highlighted and highlights the aero-style style of the machinery.

The sapphire crystal dial allows the structure of the manual upper chain header RM21-01 without reservation. The power storage is located at the 11 o’clock position of the watch, and the torque indicator is placed in a 1 o’clock position. The latter can intuitively display the internal tension of the mainfall, thereby optimizing the timing performance of the movement. With a function selector, you can switch through the central buttons on the crown; you can switch from the neutral position (N) to the upper chain (W) and set the watch time (h) from the neutral position (N). s position. The crown was created by Carbon TPT® carbon fiber and 5n red gold and with a gasket as the white rubber strap.

From the movement of delicate manual workmanship, including chamfer, polishing, polishing, polishing, and ramp, reappearing to technology and innovative materials, and integrate the gyro device to fight against the influence of stereotype, this limited edition New RM 21-01 aerodynamic gyro watches will explore new areas.popular swiss watch brands