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New URWERK UR-112 polymer

Urwerk’s newest work launched by the Special Projects Laboratory has jumping digital hours, running minutes and secret seconds in a streamlined case, with the breath of the fabulous Bugatti Atlantic.

When it comes to expressing time in novel ways, few brands can beat the creativity, ingenuity and technical magic of URWERK. Since 1997, master watchmaker Felix Baumgartner and artistic director Martin Frei have proposed modern adaptations of display methods, such as walking hours and retrograde minutes to represent the past time. Today, Urwerk’s special project series ushered in a new UR -112 Aggregat, this is a compendium that combines complexity, technology and radical design. Unlike the brand’s iconic roaming hours, UR-112 is equipped with a double flying turntable with a jumping triangular prism, bringing you digital hours and minutes in a novel and typical 3D Urwerk format. Hidden in a streamlined black and gray titanium case, the hidden seconds hand is hidden under the hunter-style case.

Complex design of UR-112 polymer
The official name is UR-112, and the Aggregat name refers to the way the watch aggregates different elements to form a whole. “This UR-112 Aggregat has many sources of inspiration, and they are scattered.” Frei explained. The grille of the Bugatti Atlantique is the most obvious. An excellent car with a contrasting spine that emphasizes absolute symmetry.” It’s interesting that he should mention the rare Bugatti Atlantic, a beautiful car made by Ettore Bugatti, inspired by his early 1935 Bugatti Aerolithe concept car. The 1936 Bugatti Atlantic combined with its streamlined body, made of aluminum, a lightweight material designed to increase speed. The curved and aerodynamic Bugatti Atlantic has a line down the center body Extended seams to improve symmetry and vertical grids with speed lines that often appeared on objects made during the Streamline Moderne period in the mid-1930s.

Like the Atlantic Ocean, UR-112 Aggregat exhibits a streamlined body, elegant sweeping and rounded curves. Like Atlantic, it is made of lightweight material-titanium-and even has a central seam running through the case from one end to the other. The dimensions of the case (42 mm wide x 51 mm long x 16 mm thick) do not reveal the complex structure of the case made of black and bronze PVD coated titanium. From the wrist, the round rectangular body of the watch case displays the hours and minutes horizontally (a bit like a driver’s watch), gradually becoming thinner and lowering its height. Even the back of the case has a central seam, which turns into floating lugs when it reaches the end of the case.

The digital hour and minute hands are located in two cylindrical sapphire crystal glass containers separated by a central seam. On the left is the digital hour display; on the right is the minute. Each indication relies on triangular prisms, which move in sharp, precise jumps, almost like the old Solari display (without truncating numbers). All 12-hour numbers and the minutes advancing at 5-minute intervals are engraved on the prism and filled with Super-LumiNova luminous material, emitting a blue light in the dark. The operation of the jumping hour display is driven by the advancing minute. In the 60th minute, the troops accumulated during the previous 3600 seconds are deployed to the change hour.

However, to check the second hand, the Hunter’s case must be raised using the two lateral pushers on the side of the case. The hinged titanium hood is decorated with a horizontal speed line, which echoes the Bugatti Atlantic grille, and displays a digital seconds hand, also calibrated at 5-second intervals. Etched on a miniature ultra-thin silicon disk, the tiny number on the right moves forward under a magnifying glass and is framed by a bright red nameplate with a white arrow. Perfectly symmetrical, there is a power reserve indicator on the left side of the watch’s anatomy, which is the only analog display on the UR-112 Aggregat. copy watches for men

Heavyweight mechanics
Although the watch weighs only 25.2 grams, it is a heavyweight mechanical prodigy with eight titanium planetary gears. In order to transmit the power required for the beats of the hours, minutes and seconds, the UR-112 Aggregat relies on a long and thin rod, called a cardan shaft, which horizontally spans the central area between the seconds and the power reserve meter. Although it is hidden in the seams, the drive shaft has a dual gear mechanism—one at each end—and transmits all the energy needed through a complex set of gears and gears.

As Felix Baumgartner explained: “We use a single energy source to power all the displays and mechanical devices of this UR-112. The distribution of this force is very careful, and some even “recycle”, so from the number of seconds on the top of the dial to the drag Minutes and the opposite extreme of jumping hours, each display accurately receives the energy it needs.”

Despite the radical architecture, the finish of this watch is very traditional, with round and straight grain, Côtes de Genève and polished screw heads.

Technical Specifications-URWERK UR-112 Aggregate
Case: 42 mm wide x 51 mm long x 16 mm thick-PVD ​​coated titanium, matte grey and black finishes-Hunter-style titanium hinged cover-Buttons on the strap to unlock the cover-30 meters water resistance
Display: Digital jumping hours and minutes are displayed on a triangular prism inside a transparent sapphire crystal cylinder-hours and minutes are engraved on the prism and filled with Super-LumiNova-digital jumping seconds and analog power reserve display under the hinged cover
Movement: Caliber UR 13.01-automatic-28,800vph-flat hairspring-48 hours power reserve-jumping hours, running digital minutes and seconds, power reserve