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Breitling Endurance Pro

When Georges Kern took over Breitling in 2018, he boldly announced that the brand would streamline its collection and remove watches with unclear storylines or target audiences. This led to the demise of the Colt Skyracer, which was once one of Breitling’s entry-level quartz watches.

But fast-forward two years, the brand re-attracted people’s attention with the quartz watch, and launched a series of professional sports watches. We use the term “quartz” loosely, but, as all fans know, Breitling does not really make quartz. It executes SuperQuartz (insert action movie sequence). Yes, its SuperQuartz model has passed COSC certification, just like other watches in the Breitling series.

Of course, since 2001, SuperQuartz has been an upgraded version of Breitling’s low-key quartz movement. The maximum rate change of the SuperQuartz movement is ten times more accurate than the already ultra-precise conventional quartz movement, at only 15 seconds per year. . Compare this to the average change (150 seconds or two and a half minutes) of a normal quartz movement.

This year, the Breitling Calibre 82 SuperQuartz movement is assembled into a series of new sports models, not only tailored for serious athletes, but also for those who like to sweat and sweat without affecting their style. Inspired by the Breitling Sprint in the 1970s, the new Endurance Pro also has a pulse meter, so you can check your heart rate while exercising, and because of its Breitlight case, it is also very lightweight.

Breitling replica is three times lighter than titanium and 5.8 times lighter than stainless steel, which is almost what you want in a sports watch. The material is not only diamagnetic, but also resistant to temperature fluctuations, scratches and corrosion. Moreover, if you are using it, this product is also hypoallergenic, so it is more comfortable to use on sweaty skin.

Colorful watches seem to be all the rage this year, and of course Endurance Pro also appears in bright colors. There are five colors to choose from-orange, yellow, red, white and blue-black dial and two-way rotating bezel. The color of the flange corresponds to that of the strap, and it has a pulsimeter scale. The hour and minute hands are coated with Super-LumiNova, so you can still easily tell the time when riding at night.

When the watch uses the Diver Pro rubber strap, users can also buy the same colorful Outerknown NATO strap to change things a bit. The Outerknown craft strap, co-founded by Breitling surf team member Kelly Slater, is made of ECONYL yarn made from recyclable nylon waste (such as fishing nets).

In terms of performance, Breitling Endurance Pro does not have any shortcomings. It perfectly meets the needs of active devices with its accuracy, reliability, portability and robustness. But for some reasons, we can’t help feeling that the series lacks a green version, which can indeed complete the entire series. Despite the appeal of this color in recent years, green seems to be a very natural outdoor hue. Considering that Breitling Sprint is green, I hope we can see the shadow in the next version of Endurance Pro.


44mm Breitling case


Silver, black, navy blue, green, yellow, red


Breitling 82 caliber thermally compensated super quartz


White, blue, yellow, red, orange Diver Pro rubber strap with Breitlight double pin buckle. Unknown belts can be purchased separately.


Hours, minutes, seconds, date, chronograph, pulse meter

Water resistance