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Breitling launches the Premier Heritage Collection

Remember Travolta? Remember Beckham? Remember the weird sexist color that the brand seemed to be unable to determine for a long time who was making best replica watches review for it and how to talk to them? If you still do this, then maybe it’s finally time to forget Breitling’s grand plan to quickly return to reality, this period of ancient modern history. When Breitling CEO Georges Kern continued to…

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Richard Mille-RM 65-01 Automatic Seconds Chronograph

After five years of development, Richard Mille (best Richard Mille) launched the new RM 65-01 automatic chronograph, which is an automatic chronograph, leaving the Richard Mille (Richard Mille) workshop The most complicated timepiece ever. In order to ensure excellent timing accuracy and precise stopwatch calculation accuracy (accurate to 1/10 of a second), this model is equipped with a high-frequency balance wheel and variable inertia beating at a frequency of 5…

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Jacob & Co. Astronomia Tourbillon Baguette watch

In 2014, Jacob & Co. launched a very interesting watch with a luxurious movement called Astronomia Tourbillon (it debuted here). When they debuted, I didn’t have the opportunity to see this piece in person, and I’m not sure whether the original astronomy tourbillon case style (please check the link above) was actually delivered, because according to these new 2015 Jacob & Co. The argument. The picture of the astronomical tourbillon…