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Jacob & Co. Astronomia Tourbillon Baguette watch

In 2014, Jacob & Co. launched a very interesting watch with a luxurious movement called Astronomia Tourbillon (it debuted here). When they debuted, I didn’t have the opportunity to see this piece in person, and I’m not sure whether the original astronomy tourbillon case style (please check the link above) was actually delivered, because according to these new 2015 Jacob & Co. The argument. The picture of the astronomical tourbillon has a brand new case design. The absolute complexity of a watch movement requires a lot of adjustments to make it work and years of hard work. However, for 2015, Jacob & Co. looks like an astronomical tourbillon watch. The version called Jacob and Co. Astronomia Tourbillon Baguette, with many diamonds.

Below, you can watch a video from the Jacob & Co. Astronomy Tourbillon last year. Most of the movement is placed on a series of four arms, which revolves around the entire dial every 20 minutes. These robotic arms also move to produce other actions, such as keeping the dial in the correct orientation to indicate time and operating the tourbillon. In summary, the entire gear working process of Jacob & Co. Astronomy Tourbillon is almost unbelievable. More importantly, although you may like or contradict the products produced by Jacob & Co., you must let them know that their craftsmanship is an important part of the luxury watch industry.

Compared with the large sapphire crystal bubble dome of the original astronomical design, this 2015 new case is more meaningful. We are still working on computer rendering, but I am confident that the smaller sapphire crystal (now divided into a series of windows with a large window on top), coupled with other metals, can make the design more reasonable and more wear-resistant. According to the brand, Jacob & Co. Astronomy Tourbillon has a width of 50 mm and a thickness of 25 mm. The case is 18k rose gold, and there are versions with and without diamonds.

Notice that there is no crown or thimble on the case? The movement is actually fixed and can be achieved by two “bow-shaped” folding crowns on the back of the case. The movement is of course the most interesting element in the Jacob & Co. astronomy tourbillon, which is unique to the Jacob & Co. movement JCEM01, with a 48-hour power reserve and a tourbillon working at 2.5 Hz. Unexpectedly, the movement is made of only 235 parts-considering the complexity of the concept, this seems very effective.

Technically, since the tourbillon moves around the entire dial every 20 minutes, it is a three-axis tourbillon. The other axis is the normal rotation you see from the tourbillon cage, and it rotates in its connecting arm. It is located opposite the dial and tells you the time to balance the weight. On the other two arms, there is a small hand-painted titanium metal representing the earth, and on the other arm there is a spinning disco ball that rotates once every 60 seconds.

Really, disco party? Well, this is what I said. Jacob&Co. claims that the spherical cut diamond uses the exclusive cutting process first adopted by Jacob&Co to cut a diamond with 288 facets. This round diamond should represent the moon-which makes me wonder what the “night life” on your planet would be like if our moon was actually a large disco party. The look and feel of the Jacob’s astronomical tourbillon movement is astronomically complex, but it is only conceptually true. This is indeed a sport for viewing pleasure rather than strict function, and it succeeded.

If the “standard” Jacob & Co. Astronomy Tourbillon watch is not enough, you can choose Jacob & Co. Astronomy Tourbillon French Baguette, which replaces the night sky on the dial with baguette-cut diamonds. Diamonds are invisibly set on the dial and lugs, a total of 342 diamonds weighing 16 carats. Although I personally do not consider myself a purchase customer of Jacob & Co. Astronomia, there may be some people who can enjoy this wrist-worn mechanical entertainment function, which makes me very happy. Jacob & Co. once again started to shock, entertain and pleaseā€¦ This is what I think the whole purpose of Jacob & Co. Astronomy Tourbillon.