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Bremont debuts Jaguar C-Type watch

While later models like the D-Type, XJR-9, and especially the E-Type may be better remembered by fans today, the curvaceous Jaguar C-Type is arguably part of the British automaker’s legendary racing history. The most influential model. In addition to its two outright victories at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1951 and 1953, the C-Type introduced a host of technologies that would go on to define Jaguar as a…

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Devon Tread 1 Watch Review

The basic theme of this electromechanical timepiece is to display the time through the belt (tread) and to read the time through a window placed on the belt segment. When looking at the Review fake watch face, it’s quick to figure out how to tell the time – even if you see a lot of things. This isn’t the first watch to show the time via a strap, but it’s…

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Did you know: Jacob & Co. made a watch just for Lionel Messi?

We all know the relationship between athletes and luxury fake watches needs no introduction. It is a legend as great as time itself. Star athletes have a quality about themselves that is both charming and endearing. It makes you love them, adore them, and respect them. Maybe they represent the way of life we ​​all so deeply desire. Speaking of athletes and luxury watches, we’re not surprised that a particular…