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Devon Tread 1 Watch Review

The basic theme of this electromechanical timepiece is to display the time through the belt (tread) and to read the time through a window placed on the belt segment.

When looking at the Review fake watch face, it’s quick to figure out how to tell the time – even if you see a lot of things. This isn’t the first watch to show the time via a strap, but it’s certainly one of the coolest. In short, the Devon Tread 1 offers a completely unique wearing experience that is more akin to electronics than a traditional timepiece. It transcends the world of watchmaking and the world of gadgets, but borrows heavily from both. It’s Tread 1, and certainly worth knowing.

People have never seen anything like this and needless to say this watch has a major “gee whiz” factor. For many, it’s the ultimate watch gadget — and in many ways it is.

While the Tread 1 is large, Devon has done a great job of designing it to ensure a comfortable fit. The case is 53.3mm wide, 47mm high and 19mm thick. I have a small wrist, so the watch might not look like much on your arm. As you know, the lug structure that connects the rubber strap is slanted down significantly to allow the watch to wrap around the wrist. This helps the watch to be more stable and comfortable.

The case is steel, but its back is DLC black coated steel. You can also find your watch’s unique serial number here. It’s also where the watch is when you charge it. The crystal is polycarbonate – the same material used for bulletproof glass. It also has an AR coating for clarity. Inside the watch are various complex microstepping motors, straps and processors. It’s a quartz-regulated device, and according to Devon, it’s thermally compensated, which means it should be more accurate. The processor controls the functions and all the small motors. Instead of a crown, the watch has a controller. However, you can operate it like a crown and place it on the bottom of the case.

It’s a treat to look inside the watch. What’s really special – especially for seasoned watch lovers is how different it is. It looks more like a machine than something you’d see on a Swiss watch. There are screws and straps, and there are plates. It looks like some people are playing with the world’s most complicated erection device. Seeing everything working together helps you understand how difficult it is to design from scratch. Very few people in the mechanical watch world design something entirely from scratch because there are generations of knowledge to build on. For Devon, no one has ever done anything like this – so they have very little to guide them.

Small stepper motors as I understand them were originally designed for medical devices. They only move one position at a time, and the onboard controller helps tell them how many times to move. Watching the Tread 1 in action never seems out of date, but the watch is loud. The Devon tried to suppress the noise as much as possible, but it made noise every time the tread moved (the second belt moved every second). It’s not a “tick”, more like a quick grind as the motor turns the belt.

While the watch is loud, the Devon does include a “Quiet Mode.” In this mode, the watch stops displaying the time and is silent. Internally, it still shows the time, but not until you deactivate Quiet Mode. It would be a good idea for Devon to include it. You can learn more about Quiet Mode and how to operate your Devon Tread 1 by viewing the online instruction manual here.

While the Tread 1’s sound can be distracting at some times, at other times you may see it as a benefit. This is a watch designed to attract attention, and it does so through sight and sound. For example, imagine you are in an elevator with several people. They will all hear Tread 1 and look directly at your watch. What other high-end timepieces really grab people’s attention like this? Devon fake

It’s easy to tell the time and wear a watch. The wide straps and unique buckle are cool to say the least. Operating the Tread 1 is also very simple after reading the instructions. The watch uses a lithium polymer battery that lasts about two weeks during normal use. You don’t change the battery regularly, you charge it instead. For this, Devon includes a magnetic induction charger that you simply place your watch on. The seconds band also doubles as a battery life indicator, as it moves in two-second intervals when battery life runs out. Considering all the energy the watch consumes, I’d say the Devon makes the most of the situation. By the way, the watch does have an on/off function to save energy.

At the end of the day, this watch is pretty much the epitome of California cool. It takes a suave geek to get the job done and design it. It plays the game with the traditional concept of a high-end watch and manages to offer something special that hasn’t been done before. It has its quirks, but that gives it character. According to Devon, more Shopping fake watches are coming, but the same concept should remain the same. This isn’t just a gadget watch, it’s a lifestyle watch for gadget lovers – and I’m totally one of them. It’s hard not to want one of these.