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Bremont debuts Jaguar C-Type watch

While later models like the D-Type, XJR-9, and especially the E-Type may be better remembered by fans today, the curvaceous Jaguar C-Type is arguably part of the British automaker’s legendary racing history. The most influential model. In addition to its two outright victories at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1951 and 1953, the C-Type introduced a host of technologies that would go on to define Jaguar as a company. The first-ever car to use disc brakes at Le Mans, its streamlined aerodynamic body breaks away from the brand’s pre-war fully shielded roots, and its 3.4-liter DOHC inline-six will continue Developed and until 1992, it was the main product of the Jaguar brand.

No wonder the C-Type is beloved by Jaguar connoisseurs and is a turning point in the company’s history. Proud British watch brand Bremont has had a strong partnership with Jaguar over the past few years, and in its most recent collaboration, the brand has set its sights on paying homage to the legendary C-Type. Combining early ’50s visual style with retro racing spirit, and the brand’s signature modern Trip-Tick case silhouette, the new Bremont Jaguar C-Type may be its most attractive Jaguar-themed model to date.

Measuring 43mm wide and 15.8mm thick, the stainless steel case of the Bremont Jaguar C-Type should provide a bold presence and a real sense of weight on the wrist. The overall shape follows the brand’s signature multi-part template, with a rounded central case section made up of a case top and lugs with a mix of brushed and polished chamfers to accentuate its fluid, tapered shape. The mid-shell is rendered in black PVD, which, combined with the brand’s unique accent grooves, masks the outline of the shell in the initial image.

Bremont tops the assembly with a fixed polished coin-edge tachymeter bezel, featuring vintage anodized aluminum inserts with clean mid-century typography and a delightful splash of red at 12 o’clock. The classic car inspiration of the Jaguar C-Type shines brightly on the crown at 3 o’clock, which features the era-correct Jaguar emblem and a ’50s-inspired Dunlop racing tire tread pattern instead of the more standard coin edge replica watches

Where this design really comes into play, however, is the bottom cover. Instead of show windows, Bremont handed the estate over to an inlaid commemorative coin reminiscent of the iconic Jaguar “Growler” hood logo. This is an element of rich detail in the image, with a soft and complex outline of the jaguar head, flanked by opalescent enamel, a nice grainy matte texture and elegantly raised polished lettering. This is a truly outstanding example of caseback engraving that adds miles to this case design in the photo.

For the dial of the Jaguar C-Type, Bremont builds on the gauge inspiration of its previous Jaguar models with new layers of refinement and a more restrained 50s-inspired execution. The warm silver-plated dial surface acts as a canvas for a variety of retouching techniques in the image, from the raised central section with a subtle sunburst finish, to the recessed matte hour ring, the visibly recessed Jaguar at 6 o’clock Logo, sky blue on both sub-dials is tight. True to its speedometer inspiration, the Jaguar C-Type’s printed hour and minute scales feature a bold gauge railway pattern with clear Arabic numerals printed on the arc from 8 o’clock to 4 o’clock.

Bremont’s use of deep gloss black for these printed elements helps them stand out from their surroundings, while further enhancing the overall quality of the image with additional visual texture. Despite the lighter and smaller minute scale between 4 and 8 o’clock, Bremont has kept these elements legible without sacrificing the design’s basic dashboard element styling. Like the case, the clever application of bright red gives the Bremont Jaguar C-Type’s dial a welcome oomph to the image, but these colorful highlights also push the automotive theme even further. This is especially true of the seconds subdial at 9 o’clock, where the red wedge is combined with a set of printed Arabic numerals and sharp hands that mimic the “red line” markings of the classic Jaguar tachometer.

The Jaguar C-Type’s bold, black-edged straight sword phone is handsome in shape, with a clear and legible image, and retains the oversized brushed center stem guard from previous Bremont Jaguar models, paying homage to the classic Jaguar dashboard gauges. The date window is a traditional divisive element among watch lovers, but here the 6 o’clock date is displayed in the absence of hour numerals or a bolder minute scale, adding a visual anchor to the lower third of the dial point.

The Bremont Jaguar C-Type is powered by the BE-50AV automatic chronograph movement based on the ETA 7750. Although the base movement has been around for a long time, the BE-50AV is a substantially upgraded design with high-tech materials including a Gluycdur balance, Anachron balance spring and Nivaflex mainspring. Like all Bremont products, the BE-50AV is certified for observatory-grade accuracy. Other performance figures for the BE-50AV are decidedly more average, including a 42-hour power reserve at a 28,800 bph beat rate. Bremont completes the Jaguar C-Type with a rich caramel saddle brown large perforated leather rally strap.

The all-new Bremont Jaguar C-Type blends modern and early ’50s style influences with truly stunning finishing and gentlemanly sporty character, a convincing homage to one of the most important machines in British motor racing history .