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Jody Bellido
What struck me on this Superocean was the high degree of legibility offered by the hour markers and hands. These almost oversized elements are perfect for diving, and thanks to their large size, the time can be read at a glance. This is especially important when diving with an oxygen tank, as it lets the wearer know how much time he or she has left before returning to the surface. This legibility is further enhanced by the contrast of the white dial against the dark blue. So, from a practical point of view, the Superocean is a coherent watch.

Jean-Christophe Tegner
Super ocean, super watch. The collection was a success and this watch is really beautiful. Compared to my image of a Breitling (especially a diver’s watch), it’s not too spectacular. It fits nicely on the wrist, the time is very readable, and as I mentioned before, it looks really nice. Its price is really very reasonable. The strap is easy to adjust, so you won’t have any problems wearing the replica watches for sale on a wetsuit. It’s water-resistant to 300 meters, and pragmatically, you’re unlikely to dive into those depths. But it makes you feel extra safe about its seaworthiness, so don’t hesitate to jump into the water. The work done by the Breitling team is excellent, and you can’t help but notice that. We hear how Breitling sent their staff into the water to test the watch in real life conditions with surfing legend Kelly Slater. Good for them! In the end, I would have liked to wear this watch on my wrist longer… but unfortunately, it’s time to pass it on to the next team tester.

Blaise Lechevalier
Think super oceans and you’ll feel the fresh air of the Atlantic Ocean. This is the watch I need for my vacations in Hossegor and Cap Ferret on the French Atlantic coast, a great place for sports fashion. This new Superocean is instantly lovable (its adjustable folding clasp is very functional, by the way), cheerful, readable, elegant with a touch of casualness, and a square minute hand that pays homage to vintage. Breitling’s great idea was to release it in multiple colours and four sizes (from 36 to 46mm) to keep all wrists within reach. You can’t go wrong with this blue and white version, but I’ve also found the khaki to be very successful.

Susan Huang
OK, so this is obviously a dive watch. It’s from fake Breitling‘s famous Superocean collection, and any serious watch journalist should know all too well. It also has all the aesthetics of a dive watch, such as luminous hands and geometric markers for easy reading underwater, a rotating bezel with a high friction circumference, a solid case construction and a rubber strap. However, its modern design and sleek color palette, combined with its sturdy construction, make it an ideal travel companion, whether you’re under the waves or above the clouds.