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Breitling has several different LOGOs, who is more representative?

With the release of Breitling’s new aviation chronograph in 2022, many careful watch friends noticed that the product’s LOGO has returned to the classic AOPA logo. Looking at Breitling’s products in recent years, it is not difficult to find that the brand is always “swinging” between various LOGOs. Today, let’s take a look at why Breitling fake watches have multiple LOGOs, and who is more representative.

In July 2017, George Kern became the new CEO of Breitling. As the so-called three fires of new officials, the first major decision George Kern made was to adopt a new LOGO. In this regard, George’s statement is that “the brand needs to be repositioned to maintain its original excellence.” According to the CEO’s vision, the wing logo is deeply bound to the theme of flight and aviation, limiting the brand’s exploration to more different styles. The “B” LOGO is not only suitable for aviation watches, but also not obtrusive when placed on diving and racing watches. It is a more versatile choice.

Compared with the wing LOGO that has been used for many years, the “B” LOGO removes the wings on both sides and the anchor pattern below, only retains the core essence of the letter in the middle, and extends the strokes of the “B” to the beginning. . Watchers have mixed comments on this. Some people think that the LOGO is simple and elegant, which is in line with the current aesthetic trend of flat trademark design; but some watchers don’t buy it, thinking that the wings that symbolize flight are the “soul” of the brand. Without wings, there is no “soul”. perfect replica watches

In fact, this design is not a modern product. It is also an ancient and traditional logo of the brand. Its history can be traced back to the 1940s, far earlier than the later-known wing logo. We can clearly find this design on a vintage Breitling 1190 Cadette watch. However, it was only used for a short period of time, and was soon submerged in the long river of history. Now that the LOGO has reappeared, it is more like the brand’s tribute to the historical classics.

The launch of Breitling’s “B” LOGO does not mean the complete withdrawal of the wing LOGO. At present, some models with the wing LOGO are still on sale on the official website. In short, the mechanical timing, super marine culture, Puya, and aviation legend series adopt the simple and modern “B” LOGO; the super marine, avenger, and professional series still continue the wings LOGO. The Top Time series is the most special of them, it uses the full name of retro handwriting. As for the aviation timing series, in addition to the “B” LOGO, there are also AOPA special logo models.

AOPA is the abbreviation for Airline Industry and Pilots Association. luxury Breitling has a long history of cooperation with the institution, and in 1954 designated a wrist-worn instrument developed by Breitling as the official timepiece. The aviation chronograph series is the product of the cooperation between the two. The original version was engraved with the AOPA logo at 12 o’clock. It was only available to AOPA members and was a great success due to its unique flying slide rule. Today’s new aviation chronograph watches also inherit the design from that year.

The brand’s most well-known LOGO was born in 1952, and it contains many interesting design elements. Among them, the word “B” representing the brand is integrated with the anchor, and the two sides are wing patterns that imply flight. The logo uses black and white as the main color, sometimes in three-dimensional gold relief. Below the words BREITLING, is the brand’s founding year 1884.

As a watchmaking brand with a history of more than 100 years, the development of Breitling is reflected behind the different LOGOs. Although the wing logo is classic, this logo has been used for more than 60 years and has been deeply rooted in the hearts of cheap watches online friends. But when we change our preconceived notions, the simple and refined “B” LOGO is not a bad design.