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Jacob & Co Astronomy Revolution

Unveiled at Geneva Watch Week in March 2023, the Jacob & Co Astronomia Revolution is a contemporary watchmaking creation inspired by the cosmic world. Its 47 mm diameter sapphire and gold case housed a brand new movement that rotated on its own axis.

The Caliber JCAM48B is equipped with a biaxial flying tourbillon that rotates once every 60 seconds, and the third axis is the movement itself. Regulating this spectacular clockwork dance is an innovative and patented constant force mechanism developed by Jacob & Co.

High-speed tracks make the Astronomia Revolution a technical and spectacular timepiece. Especially since the entire carousel can be seen from all directions: from above, from the sides and from below.

Jacobs & Co. Astronomy
In 2016, Jacob & Co. launched the Astronomia, a revolutionary timepiece with unheard-of complications and proportions. In a 47mm yellow gold case with a sapphire baseband, the Haute Horlogerie and High Jewelery brand houses a vertically rotating movement with a satellite carriage with four mechanical arms.

One is a biaxial tourbillon, another is a rotating dial fitted with a differential to keep it upright, one is a 288-faceted Jacobs-cut diamond representing the moon, and the fourth is a magnesium globe. best replica watches

Within 20 minutes, all four arms rotate around their own axes and the central axis as they rotate within the case. Incidentally, this creates a third axis of rotation for the tourbillon cage.

With no crown, no central hands, the Astronomia has nothing in common with any other timepiece on earth. From the moment it took off from the Jacob & Co. launch pad, it set new standards in terms of high complications and savoir-faire.

Subsequent iterations and changes sped up to 10 minutes per lap, then 5 minutes per lap, along with numerous complications, design and dimensional changes.

Jacob & Co Astronomy Revolution
The Astronomia Revolution is the most dramatic, technologically and design-altered edition of the Astronomia series. It takes inspiration from the original space inspiration behind the Astronomia and takes it to a new level with a completely redesigned proprietary movement. high quality replica watches

It takes a lot of energy to orbit at lightning fast speeds of one full revolution per minute. For the first time, the Astronomia is equipped with two barrels of extraordinary size. To control the high volumes of flow through the caliber JCAM48B, Jacob & Co. designed a next generation constant force device.

Whip type constant force device
In general, constant forces come in two forms. One is remontoire. The other is the Reuleux triangle. Both store small equal amounts of energy in a spring to transfer energy in increments of at most one second. Astronomia Revolution presents a patent-pending whip-based abnormal frequency constant force device.

Every 1/6 second, the frequency of the balance wheel, the gear train activates a hairspring. It then releases the whip, a star gear located closest to the fourth wheel. The whip acts as a buffer between the flow of energy from the barrel and the tourbillon that carries the balance. Each time the whip is activated, it transmits the energy required by the tourbillon carriage for the next 1/6 second.

Not less than this, as this will cause the balance to run erratically. No more, this would overfeed the tourbillon and the entire rotating platform, interfering with their intended rotational speed. The transmitted force remains constant at an unprecedented frequency, a property sufficient for Jacob & Co. to engrave “1/6′ regulation” on the base of the satellite’s central strut.

The benefits of this constant force are threefold. Like anything else, there is a regularity in the torque that is ultimately delivered to the balance, which increases precision. Combined with the advantages of a three-axis tourbillon, this makes the Astronomia Revolution a high-end chronometer.

In high-powered timepieces such as the Astronomia Revolution, constant force devices are the only solution to controlling energy flow and avoiding unwanted effects. In addition, the smooth rotation of the entire platform and tourbillon requires a smooth flow of energy.

This fine regulation of energy allows Jacob & Co. to maintain an impressive 36-hour power reserve in a timepiece of great complication.

In previous iterations of the Astronomia, the tourbillon was biaxial or uniaxial, with the third axis sometimes provided by the rotation of the entire platform. And they’ve always been flying tourbillons, which means they don’t have bridges. In the case of the Astronomia Revolution, it rotates on two axes, the first in 1 minute and the second in 15 seconds.

The latter is one of the highest speeds achieved by a tourbillon cage in the history of watchmaking. One minute is exactly the speed of the movement, and 15 seconds is the speed of the arrow.

Skeletonized, highly polished carriage designed by Jacob & Co swivels in every direction. It moves with the satellite platform at a speed of one revolution per minute.

time display
The rotating platform inside the Astronomia Revolution completes a full revolution every minute. The slender steel arrow is the third balance arm of the movement. Its head is made of 950 platinum and is set with a large ruby. It acts as a running seconds hand by tracking the bezel’s 60 deep-angled notches.

The movement also contains a red polycarbonate sub-dial with 5N applied indices and matching taffy hands for the hours and minutes.

hexagonal mirror
Inspired by space, Jacob & Co. installed a unique structure on the base of the Astronomia Revolution, which is located on top of the hidden part of the movement and below the satellite track.

An array of 18 tiny hexagonal mirrors mimics the gold-coated mirrors of the James Webb Space Telescope. They capture the mesmerizing movement of the astronomical revolution in orbit above.

Each mirror is crafted in 18K red gold, polished to the highest degree and angled slightly with great precision. This shiny honeycomb surface is both a nod to space exploration and a tool designed to appreciate the rotation of satellites. Finally, the strap made of transparent sapphire allows you to enjoy a 360-degree view of this stunning instrument.

Jacob & Co Astronomia Revolution Edition
The Astronomia Revolution is limited to 18 pieces, six in rose gold, six in white gold and six in white gold with a black DLC finish.

technical details
Model: Jacob & Co Astronomia Revolution
exclusive movement
Jacob & Co. Manual winding JCAM48B caliber
Diameter: 42.30 mm
Height: 19.30 mm
Power reserve: 36 hours
Frequency: 21’600 vph (3 Hz)
Base: 18 polished 5N red gold honeycomb mirrors
Gems: 53

Rotating satellite mount: 1 rotation in 1 minute
Spin Arrow: 1 turn in 15 seconds
Biaxial flying tourbillon:
– 1st axis: 1 rotation in 1 minute
– 2nd axis: Rotate in 15 seconds
1 turn frequency (patent pending)
Hours and minutes rotating dial winding
and time setting on the case back

Diameter: 47mm
Height: 27 mm
Material: 18K Rose Gold or 18K White Gold or Black DLC White Gold; Sapphire Case
Case back: Engraved 18K rose gold
Crystal: Domed sapphire with anti-reflective treatment
Water resistance: 30 meters (3 bar – 3 ATM)

Subdials: Skeletonized, red polycarbonate with 5N applied
Index Hands: Dauphine 5N red gold
Arrows: Stainless steel, 1 synthetic ruby in the shape of an arrow

Black Cordura® rubber-lined strap and 18K rose gold deployant clasp