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Jacob & Co. Bugatti Chiron Tourbillon puts a mini W16 engine inside a watch

The price of the wholesale watch is the same as that of the car

In early 2019, Bugatti ended a 15-year watch partnership with Swiss watchmaker Parmigiani Fleurier and launched a new one with New York-based watchmaker and jeweler Jacob & Co., which helped define the United States. Known for the Shining Era in the music industry. When the new collaboration was announced at Baselworld, the global watch fair last March, Jacob launched two new limited-edition watches, both based on existing Jacob models. The Twin Turbo Furious Bugatti Edition reimagines the watchmaker’s Twin Turbo Furious timepiece, the Bugatti Chrono Edition Limitee 100 Ans celebrates Bugatti’s 110th anniversary and is based on Jacob’s Epic X Chrono. However, a new and incredible watch was needed due to the partners’ commitment to push “the limits of what is mechanically possible”, so Jacob spent a year developing this Bugatti Chiron tourbillon. Behind its sapphire crystal, an automaton hangs within the case, mimicking the movement of the Chiron’s W16 engine.

An animation engine has no timing purpose, it exists only for presentation – that’s presentation. Pressing the button crown on the bottom of the case runs the engine for about 20 seconds; a stainless steel crankshaft milled from a single ingot pushes the stainless steel connecting rod and piston into the sapphire crystal block, two visible through a window on the side of the case Rotating turbocharger. After three runs, the engine’s barrel needs to be charged by turning the center crown counterclockwise, and then it’s ready for three more runs. Comprising 578 pieces, the installation was so small and complex that it took more than three days to program a CNC machine to mill stainless steel, and the animators weren’t sure it would work. These two facts are probably the best connection to this incredible marvel of the Bugatti Chiron.

We mean the literal meaning of the phrase “suspended in a box”. The movement of the watch sits on four shock absorbers in the corners, giving the movement a bit of a floating feel, which requires the Incabloc anti-shock system. Other Bugatti-themed decorations include a titanium case, Chiron Blue hands, a 60-hour reserve dial for the watch movement (which looks like a fuel gauge), a tourbillon window shaped like a Chiron grille, a black rubber strap, and Customisation possibilities include the owner being able to choose what colour the coil should be.

Time flies – Jacob & Co. Bugatti Chiron Tourbillon

This new watch is a tribute to the 1,500-horsepower Bugatti Chiron supercar. Jacob & Co. Bugatti Chiron Tourbillon has a stunning mechanical replica of Buatti’s iconic W16 engine.

This masterpiece micro motor sits beneath a sapphire crystal and is suspended in four “shock absorbers” that actually move. Push the right-hand crown and turbo spool, the crankshaft flips, and even 16 tiny pistons pump up and down. Take a closer look – yes, it even has a functioning “fuel reserve” that monitors the watch’s 60-hour power reserve. But unlike the tourbillon, the animated component of the watch has no horological purpose and exists only for visual impact. The automaton (engine movement) lasts 20 seconds and can be activated 3 times before rewinding is required.

The Jacob & Co. Bugatti Chiron 16 Cylinder Tourbillon’s actual caliber JCAM37 movement consists of 578 parts, hand-wound and the one-minute tourbillon tilted at a 30-degree angle. The Bugatti horseshoe window displays the tourbillon, and the titanium case is inspired by the smooth lines of the Chiron. At 44mm wide, 54mm long and 20mm thick, it’s quite large. Like several other Jacob & Co watches, the sides are made of sapphire crystal, creating a window for the mechanism.

The watch can be customized in different colors or set with gemstones.

Bugatti’s watchmaking history
This isn’t the first time Bugatti has collaborated with a watchmaker.

It has a long-standing partnership with Swiss luxury brand Parmigiani Fleurier.

In 2006, Parmigiani Fleurier produced the Bugatti Type 370 inspired by the Bugatti Veyron supercar. In 2009, it released a new tourbillon dedicated to the Bugatti Galibier 16C, followed a few years later by the Type 390, also based on the Chiron.

Recently, Bugatti teamed up with the Vita to release a line of sleek smartwatches.

But back to the beginning, between the mid-1920s and the mid-1930s, Swiss watchmaker Mido produced dozens of timepieces for Bugatti. The distinguishing feature of these pieces is that their golden casings are shaped like the iconic radiator grilles on famous cars. They were specially ordered by Ettore Bugatti and then presented to his best pilots, mechanics and family. cheap watch For Sale