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Greubel Forsey double balancer sapphire

Greubel Forsey double balancer-now in a gorgeous sapphire case

Two years ago, Greubel Forsey took the world by storm with its charming double tourbillon 30 ° Technique Sapphire-an extraordinary sapphire case timepiece. This watch is only produced in 8 pieces, and caused a huge sensation with its amazing dial and complicated case-the absurd price may also be one of the reasons why it became news.

Most of you probably know that sapphire is a very challenging material, but the company’s co-founders Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey decided to impress all of us again in the form of a sapphire case double balancer .

Before you get too excited, you should know that this incredible piece is only available for the North American market, and it is part of a strictly limited edition limited to 11 watches. Considering that 900 hours of processing time is required to produce only that beautiful sapphire case, this is not surprising.

The good news is that Double Balancier Sapphire will be a bit cheaper than its big brother.

replica Greubel Forsey‘s decision to put the double balancer in the sapphire case was obviously a brilliant move. The tilted balance wheel and gear train are now exposed, and the entire dial becomes a visual spectacle. Coupled with the various hand-polished, brushed and micro-sandblast finishes that come with this complex multi-layer movement, you will easily get lost in all the details.