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Urwerk launches UR-100V with titanium bracelet

All gray and practical.

Urwerk’s entry-level-and most wear-resistant-launched the new UR-100V all-titanium jacket at Dubai Watch Week, which is the first metal bracelet in the UR-100 series, as well as an integrated bracelet.

Leaving aside the bracelet, the UR-100V has a new look-soft gray shades and almost monochromatic tones-giving the watch a stylish, clean, and handsome appearance.

Although the one-piece bracelet is now fashionable for high-end watches, it is relatively unusual for Urwerk. The latest UR-100 is clearly different from the typical Urwerk. Although the brand has installed bracelets on its watches in the past, the number is small and limited to top models such as UR-210.

Although the appearance is new (ish), the UR-100V is still very similar to luxury Urwerk, because the open dial with the walking hours is easy to identify. And the bracelet is cleverly finished in a minimalist style, so it will not hinder the design.

In fact, the restrained all-gray palette will be familiar to long-term fans of the brand. The gray sandblasted case and bracelet are reminiscent of earlier models, such as the UR-105 that was also completed, and the more recent UR-100 Gunmetal.

When this arrived in my inbox, I immediately thought it was very attractive, but I thought the structure of the bracelet was too simple. In the photo, it lacks the meticulously processed complexity of Urwerk’s signature shell.

But after seeing it in metal, I believed it. The bracelet is constructed accurately and sturdy, yet light and thin, so it can be worn well on the wrist. It has military industry, science fiction aesthetics, and it’s cool. luxury watches

Designed wisely, it will not try to do too much, but avoid becoming a derivative of other fashionable luxury sports watches.

Despite being one of the brand’s most affordable products, the UR-100V all-titanium jacket is expensive.

Gray satellite
According to Urwerk, the time display of the UR-100V has been slightly upgraded from the first-generation version to improve legitimacy: due to the redesign of the satellite cover, the hour digits are located next to the red minute hand.

Like the case, the bracelet has a matte all-gray finish. It is completely sandblasted-including the bevels on the edges of the chain links-once the color is darker than the dial, it will appear gray.

It is worth noting that the bracelet appears to be one piece, but the case remains unchanged from the previous version of UR-100, so it can be replaced by a strap.

Urwerk UR-100V full titanium jacket

Case diameter: 41 mm
Case height: 14 mm
Material: Titanium
Crystal: Sapphire
Waterproof performance: 30 m

Movement: UR 12.02
Features: Satellite hours and minutes; Earth rotation and orbital distance
Frequency: 28,800 times per hour (4 Hz)
Chain: Automatic
Power reserve: 48 hours

Strap: Titanium bracelet