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Learn about the watchmaking expertise behind Jacob & Co’s influential vision

Polarized, extreme, ostentatious, extravagant… The watch imagined and created by best Jacob & Co can be described in many words. Its founder, Jacob Arabo (Jacob Arabo) has both acting talent and creativity that is unique in this industry. Because of his background in jewelry design, Mr. Arabo has formed a truly unique watchmaking vision in terms of design, function and technology. But it goes far beyond this extravagant style. Jacob’s imagination broke through the boundaries of technology and watchmaking, creating watches that no one else in the watch industry could imagine. The design of these individual items is polarized, but people need to go beyond aesthetics to understand that behind this enthusiasm, Jacob & Co has brought something extraordinary and fascinating to the industry. Going beyond the mainstream requires impressive watchmaking expertise and cutting-edge creativity. This is the whole content of our latest in-depth movie.

Jacob & Co’s journey of high-end watchmaking includes stunning timepieces that are miniature dynamic artworks on the wrist. Of course, the most famous of these is the Astronomia and all its evolutions, this watch has spectacular dynamic three-dimensional movement with a constantly moving planetary indicator. This is a four-arm mechanism controlled by a multi-axis tourbillon that can incorporate unique and fascinating complex functions, such as a fully operable micro roulette. This mechanical marvel sits under an almost completely transparent case, surrounded by domed sapphire crystals, revealing all the mechanical parts in motion.

But there is more creation to be explored. Think of Twin Turbo and Twin Turbo Furious, they are equipped with no less than two (two) three-axis tourbillons, a single-button chronograph and a decimal repeater. If you don’t believe that Jacob & Co has the ability to create ultra-complex movements in modern and creative clothing, then there is more.

Opera Godfather and Opera Godfather Minute Repeater, using a three-axis tourbillon, is also equipped with a unique interpretation of ultra-traditional complications: a musical mechanism, installed in an exemplary and modern packaging, playing the theme of The Godfather. Once again, if clothing is otherworldly, then there is a science behind this true mechanical expertise that few watch companies have. There is also a miniature Don Corleone in the center…

Recently, Jacob & Co and Bugatti signed a cooperation agreement and launched an incredible automata watch, in which the one-minute tourbillon movement is equipped with a real 16-cylinder micro-engine. The automata imitating the Chiron engine comes to life as the pistons pump up and down in the sapphire engine block… and, we may almost forget, these watches also show the time.

With these and more watches, Jacob & Co has brought something unique, fresh and fascinating to the watchmaking industry, which transcends the concept of time. This marks an important departure from the style that traditional brands tend to follow. But you need to risk going beyond the mainstream and beyond the boundaries of consensus. And this is exactly what Jacob & Co has been doing. Jacob’s uniqueness lies in its bold and daring design, which is both shocking and eye-catching, not only because of the unusual shapes and proportions, but also because of the level of watchmaking involved in these creations.

Jacob Arabo is a man of vision and design talent. Every new project is an opportunity to reshape oneself, but also to break the boundaries of possibility, not only for Jacob & Co, but also for the partners who conceived and manufactured these watches. Jacob & Co knows that its watches are more about movies than functions, but this kind of performance skills and extraordinary feeling are the keys to the brand’s success.

The story of Jacob & Co’s watchmaking department is later than the company itself. Jacob Arabo opened his jewelry company in New York City in the 1980s. The first watches came out in 2002, mainly men’s models with diamonds. In 2006, Quenttin Tourbillon launched the first milestone in a series of ultra-complex watches. This watch uses a vertical movement and seven barrels with a power reserve of 31 days. Following the success of this newly developed watchmaking department, Jacob & Co opened a Swiss headquarters specializing in watchmaking (headquarters in New York specializing in jewelry business). This is where the brand develops fake watches uk and provides after-sales services. But Jacob Arable knew that achieving this complexity requires partners and more than one mind. This is why the brand has worked with several long-term Swiss partners such as Concepto to transform his vision and creativity into fully operational mechanical watches.