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Learn about the watchmaking expertise behind Jacob & Co’s influential vision

Polarized, extreme, ostentatious, extravagant… The watch imagined and created by best Jacob & Co can be described in many words. Its founder, Jacob Arabo (Jacob Arabo) has both acting talent and creativity that is unique in this industry. Because of his background in jewelry design, Mr. Arabo has formed a truly unique watchmaking vision in terms of design, function and technology. But it goes far beyond this extravagant style. Jacob’s…

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Richard Mille

Driving in town with McLaren and Richard Mille There is only one way to truly appreciate the new Richard Mille RM 40-01, and that is the McLaren GT and 720S The best way to get the sense of a watch is to wear it on your wrist and wear it. Unfortunately, unlike car dealers, watch boutiques will not let you test drive with your watch. For the new Richard Mille…