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Extraordinary Triangular Swivel Urwerk UR-112 Aggregat

The satellite turntable is used to know the streets, and the drum is also used. What kind of display mechanism does Urwerk have that can open our eyes? Don’t worry about the brand. Their creativity has already surpassed ordinary people’s imagination. The UR-112 Aggregat, which was just released on the Internet, used a rolling triangular cylinder as a display of hours and minutes for the first time.

Independent watchmakers prevailed many years ago, and the watch world is like that in Japan, and the strange display is like the skill of a watchmaker. It is only due to the environment in recent years, investment has been cautious, consumption has been restrained, and the unconstrained design seems to be a lot quieter. Therefore, we have to applaud Urwerk. UR-112 is not a variation of the current style of changing the case and inlaid gemstones. The movement and display mode are re-constructed. There are other brands’ own past productions, which can revolutionize their lives. It will always be the most appreciated.

Was it because of the recent space fever that inspired Urwerk’s creation? The UR-112 is like a spaceship up and down, and the time display is also like the page-turning display of an airport. The hour on the left is skipped, and it skips every hour; the minute on the right also uses skipping mode, advancing forward every five minutes. It should be noted that the hour and minute indicators are not Urwerk’s signature turntables, nor the drums of the same brother UR-111C, but a combination of triangular cylinders, a bit like the time display of the old MCT Sequential Two venetian blinds. Everyone also uses a triangular body, but the MCT is thinner, and Urwerk’s is more like the thick substance displayed by their own dice.

For a super sports car, everyone will care about the mode of opening the door; for Urwerk, the uncovering of the watch cannot be sloppy. In the past, the UR-105 was opened on the top. In addition to the jumping seconds display at the top, there is also a 48-hour power reserve display next to it.

The time display on the front of the UR-112 is not reflected from the flat movement, but is actually continuously pushing the hour and minute triangles on the axis like a Ferris wheel. Therefore, the power demand is extremely elegant. Urwerk’s magic method is to recycle. Or take advantage of effort. The power of the jumping hour comes from the minute. At the moment of 60 minutes, the 3,600 seconds of power accumulated before will also promote the jumping hour, step by step, reducing the waste of power.

The size of the buy watches online is 51 x 42mm and it is equipped with an automatic movement UR-13.01. The movement weighs only 25.5 grams, has a vibration frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour, and is water resistant to 30 meters.