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Extraordinary Triangular Swivel Urwerk UR-112 Aggregat

The satellite turntable is used to know the streets, and the drum is also used. What kind of display mechanism does Urwerk have that can open our eyes? Don’t worry about the brand. Their creativity has already surpassed ordinary people’s imagination. The UR-112 Aggregat, which was just released on the Internet, used a rolling triangular cylinder as a display of hours and minutes for the first time. Independent watchmakers prevailed…

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Patek Philippe, why is it the “watch king”?

Relying on strength and complicated table. This year, Patek Philippe has two “big things”. The first is that Patek Philippe decided to discontinue production of the Nautilus 5711A steel case. The second thing is that Patek Philippe has launched a new “Yi Xian Tian” perpetual calendar 5236P. Patek Philippe “A Line of Sky” Perpetual Calendar 5236P One of the reasons why Patek Philippe wants to discontinue the steel case Nautilus…