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Breitling Chronomat B01 42 watch review

Breitling has just released a new Chronomat B01 42 model, with a variety of dial colors and precious metal mixes to choose from. What I have here today is a stainless steel option with a blue dial.

Since the first day it was launched, I have always wanted to contact this model. There has been a lot of commotion about this new product on social media. Some people said “This is a breath of fresh air from Breitling” and “This is the best-looking Breitling in their entire series”. I agree with this point.

Breitling seems to have missed some of their usual DNA from this model, almost as if they took a step back to examine the competition to create something classic but modern, intertwined with Breitling DNA. This watch has been completely faded in aesthetics, exuding a modern and rounded appearance.

This new version is a Chronomat reissued 40 years ago to celebrate Breitling’s Centennial birthday. When you compare old and new watches, you can see how they adjust their styles in a good way.

The lack of iconic beading on the bezel, the simplification of the dial and the shortening of the lugs are just a few outstanding changes that make the new Chronomat a different watch and a potential future classic.

The new chronomat is definitely big on my 6.5-inch wrist. It measures 42mm, but it looks more like a 44 on my body. This is a fairly thick and heavy watch, and it will take some time to get used to it, although one cannot deny the crazy amount of engineering in this work.

It is also quite thick at 15.10 mm, which is not the ideal choice if you want the watch to slip easily under the cuff. On the other hand, its presence is very good, and it can have a good conversation with any watch enthusiast who notices it.

The sunburst blue dial is absolutely stunning, it seems to transform from a dark navy blue in the entire spectrum to a light turquoise Adriatic blue, depending on the angle and light conditions. Breitling absolutely nailed the dial to this chronograph, which may just be the best feature of this watch. It is very clear and neat, does not feel too spacious, and exudes luxurious warmth.

The bracelet is another highlight, it is a rather unusual “Rouleaux bracelet”, also known as “bullet bracelet”, it is very comfortable, because it has a large number of outline and shaped movement links around the wrist, it also looks very unique. It has a double buckle closure, which feels very safe, and the compressed quick release is easy to remove.

The chronograph is driven by the self-made Breitling 01 movement, which automatically winds 47 jewels. The beast of this movement can be seen from the back through the exhibition window.

The function of this watch is very smooth, with a clicking sound when starting, stopping and resetting the timer function. The chronograph hands slide effortlessly, while the sub-dial records the count. The hand, bright red, is also easy to distinguish and easy to track.

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