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Rolex replica watches

Rolex replica that does not make “complex watches”, this kind of watch has the highest value What kind of watch is the hottest in Rolex, you don’t need to think about it, it must be a steel sports watch. However, in Rolex, there is a kind of amazing watch, the price is very high, but it is still hot. This is the Rolex diamond watch and gem watch (that is, decorated with various gems), such as the Rolex rainbow ring and tiger head.

Rolex Candy Circle Yacht, gypsophila version.

It is amazing that Rolex does not have a jewellery business like Cartier and Bulgari, nor does it have a jewelry business like Breguet since the 19th century, 200 years ago. However, many of the most popular and most popular jewelry watches on the market are Rolexes.

Rolex cheap has not been making diamond watches and jewelry watches for a long time. Because diamond watches such as rainbow circles and gypsophila were only started in the 1980s. In the beginning, it was a private individual. After buying the watch, he took the watch to the jewelry store and set it with gems and diamonds, which are now commonly known as “back diamonds.” After the “back diamond” became popular, major famous watch brands began to pay attention to making diamond watches and jewelry watches. Starting in the 1980s, they launched original “rough diamond” diamond watches and jewelry models.

This is why, in antique Rolexes, you can see diamond carvings, but there are rarely full diamonds and gypsophila. Before the 1980s, many famous watches deliberately avoided all kinds of diamonds, because “bells and whistles” were not popular at the time. Even Rolex’s “color candy tray” DAYDATE in the 1970s was not sold well at the time. People at that time didn’t like watches that were too “flowery”. In the 1980s and 1990s, the fashion trend of famous watches changed. All kinds of diamonds, full of diamonds, broke out all at once. You can also see that, whether it is a worldwide auction or a secondary market circulation (of course, auctions are also a secondary market), most of the various “bells and whistles” Rolex diamond watches and jewelry watches are produced in 80 The years, the 90s, and it has continued to this day.

Rolex sports watches are very popular. One of the reasons is that steel watches account for the majority and the price is within an acceptable range. Although many of them are above the public price, even if the price is above the public price, the actual price is not unattainable. But the great thing about Rolex diamond watches and precious jewelry watches is that the actual prices are extremely high. Rainbow circles, tiger heads, candy yachts, hundreds of thousands or millions are normal. They are completely out of the scope of most players, but they are still very high. Popular and scarce (referring to Rolex rough diamond models).

Why are Rolex precious watches so hot and so scarce?

Let’s not talk about the factors such as luxury Rolex marketing and production restrictions. For objective reasons, such as Rolex rainbow circles and candy circles, the production of such precious watches is very small. The main reason is that the high quality and the color gradient effect that meet the needs of Rolex are formed. The gems are hard to get together. Although Rolex does not make jewelry, the gems and diamonds used by Rolex are all very high-level. Nowadays, many famous watches have followed the trend and started making rainbow circles, but Rolex’s rainbow circles have the following characteristics:

  1. The jewel of the Rolex rainbow circle is larger and the bezel is wider. In the rainbow circles of some other famous watches, the gems used are very small and the circles are very thin.
  2. The color gradient of the Rolex rainbow circle gemstone is very natural, and the color transition is continuous. The color of the gems of some other famous watches, the gradient color switching is more abrupt.

Specifically, the Rolex Rainbow Circle Daytona has two generations. The first generation was launched in 2012, with a golden shell rainbow circle (including diamond hour markers). After that, the first generation continued to launch the platinum shell rainbow ring. By 2018, the second-generation rainbow circle will be launched, the rose gold rainbow circle, and the time scale of the watch will also be changed to a rainbow-effect bar diamond.

The Rolex Candy Circle Yacht 116695SATS, launched in 2017, was discontinued after only 2 years of production. There are 38 colored gemstones on the bezel, like colored jelly beans, there is an inverted triangle diamond at 12 o’clock.

The Rolex Daytona Tiger 116588TBR was launched in 2019. The bezel has 36 square diamonds. The disk looks like a “tiger head” and is set with diamonds. Rolex attaches great importance to the setting of gems and diamonds. Because Rolex does not do complex functions, high-value watches, in addition to special value antique models, mainly rely on gems and diamonds to enhance their value.

According to news, Rolex’s design department will pay attention to the following points when designing a drill watch. What cut to use (whether square or round diamonds); diamond setting cannot affect the technical configuration; diamond setting cannot affect the iconic characteristics of the watch series; finally determine the type of gemstone, what gemstone to use, or diamond. In order to achieve the largest and most shining reflective effect of diamonds, each diamond is individually set in the most suitable position. Rolex’s gypsophila disk includes 3000 small diamonds, each of which is individually set. Rolex’s diamond watches and jewelry watches are genuinely high-quality and beautiful.

On regular Rolex models, diamond hour markers (commonly known as “drilling”) are mainly used. There are two main types of Rolex diamond hour markers, one is “packaged diamonds” and the other is “striped diamonds”. The enveloping diamond is to have a square golden tray, and a round diamond is set on the golden tray. The most commonly used is the DJ log type. In addition to this, there are also 36mm DD week calendars and Daytona.

A diamond is a rectangular diamond. Strip diamonds are new diamonds that have begun to be widely used on the latest generation of Rolex. They are mainly used on the 40mm DD week calendar and the new version of Daytona. In the past, Rolex diamond hour markers were generally only used at 9 o’clock and 6 o’clock. Now the new diamond hour markers are used at all hour markers on the dial (except those with a calendar window). luxury replica watches