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Bovet 1822 Virtuoso VIII Chapter Two Reimagined

Now you see the dial

When the Virtuoso VIII Chapter Two tourbillon was launched last year, it was hailed as an incredible manifestation of hand-made watchmaking, decorative arts, mechanical ingenuity and innovation.

This year, Bovet launched a new aesthetic, bringing this traditional expression of haute watchmaking directly into the 21st century. The titanium case uses a bright black diamond-like carbon (DLC) and Super-LumiNova dial.

The latest Virtuoso VIII Chapter Two, juxtaposed with the original, is a brand new timepiece that is both modern and dynamic, while still maintaining its excellent watchmaking craftsmanship. This is the theme of the Bovet brand moving forward-using interesting materials, colors, treatments and displays to modernize these complex timepieces, while still emphasizing the handmade nature of the brand’s in-house production.

Speaking of in-house production, the Bovet 1822 process has benefited a lot from the incredible three-year cooperation with Rolls-Royce, which has produced a huge impact on the amazing custom timepieces and the mounting system in the stern dashboard Influence. Just like participating in Formula One to provide technology for automobile manufacturers’ passenger cars, the intensive research, development, and testing (including crash testing) of stern timepieces has brought engineering and production benefits, affecting all aspects of Bovet manufacturing. A series benefited from this kind of engineering and technical exchange, including the brand Virtuoso VIII Chapter Two.

The Super-LumiNova coated dial is not only time scales or markers, but the entire dial surface, which is available in yellow, blue, salmon, turquoise, green and purple. Each color is limited to eight (8) timepieces. Once charged, these dials will truly become popular, displaying brightness in a unique way. When you see these timepieces transition from light to dark for the first time, you will be surprised and delighted. Now you can see the light of Bovet-Super-LumiNova in a completely different light.

In the past few years, the Bovet brand has been incorporating Super-LumiNova luminous materials into its timepieces in a unique way-on the lunar surface of the moon phase, on the sun dials of various series-but this is the first Super-LumiNova has been so strongly applied to the dial, it truly embodies modernity.

The grade 5 titanium case of these new Virtuoso VIII Chapter Two watches has been treated with bright black DLC to create a “dark side” that contrasts with the bright and vivid dial colors.

The new Virtuoso VIII Chapter Second includes all the other things that make this introduction special-a patented flying tourbillon with a power reserve of ten days, a patented accelerated rewind system, a writing beveled case and a sapphire crystal window, and a beautiful machine. With core decoration and big date display, the two dials form a horizontal number 8. In numerology and many cultures, it symbolizes luck, perfection and infinity.

In order to obtain excellent legibility, the second hand display has been carefully designed and displayed by the Super-LumiNova coated sub-dial. The pointer arrow hangs on the surface of the exquisite round dial, displaying 60 seconds. Even in the dark, the simple and precise readability provided by this display is excellent. For this reason, in the initial assembly stage, the seconds dial must be fixed on the dial, which makes the watchmaker’s work more delicate when using Super-LumiNova coating, because a scratch will need to be restarted. Replica Swiss Watch Online

It is hard to imagine that a Super-LumiNova dial with such a diameter hanging on the date dial can achieve such a large date display. The space between the unit disk and the hour disk is reduced to optimize readability and make it as large as possible to enhance readability. The watchmaker has not forgotten the date correction, it does not even need to remove the timepiece from the wrist, just press the real cabochon sapphire crown. The fast date corrector and the iconic 12 o’clock position crown effectively avoid any accidental date correction.

The movement that drives this outstanding timepiece meets Bovet’s demanding standards for timekeeping, reliability and expressiveness. It draws energy from a single barrel, ensuring a power reserve of more than ten days, while maintaining the swing speed of the balance at 18,000 vph.

Finally, if there is no spherical differential winding system, the power reserve of more than ten days provided by a single barrel will require careful winding. The application of this ingenious mechanism and the multi-gear three-dimensional toothing of one of the pinions have been granted two patents. Due to this differential winding system, the number of crown turns required to fully wind the mainspring is halved without increasing the friction and force exerted on the gears.

Now you see them
The Virtuoso VIII Chapter Two Limited Edition is a modern interpretation of Bovet’s proprietary and patented flying tourbillon, with a large date and long power reserve. The Super-LumiNova coated dial and black DLC titanium case are BOVET’s true starting point for the 21st century and a clear sign of the future.