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Breitling launches Chronomat Red Arrows

Pay tribute to the Royal Air Force.

The Breitling cheap is known for its pilot watch, and the Air Force in the world’s Royal Air Force (RAF), especially its legendary tricks, Royal Rad Arrows, has established long-term cooperative relations. The Breitling has continued for 30 years of partnerships, just announced the launch of Chronomat Red Arrows Limited Edition.

This is the latest version in multiple “red arrow” versions issued in the 1990s, but the first version is based on the latest generation of Chronomat, which means it is the first home-made movement Calibre 01.

Chronomat did not have a unique sliding rule lap like Navitimer, so Chronomat was underestimated by the enthusiasts. In 1984, it was launched for the 100th anniversary of Breitling, and modern Chronomat is the reshaping of the brand, which is a bold new design, equipped with mechanical movements, especially Valjoux7750. Its Rouleaux bracelet makes it more distinctive. Chronomat consisting of a baton is rapidly becoming a bestseller in the 1990s.

initial thoughts
Considering the fact, perhaps the most famous 100-year spirit -red arrows watches are a 1995 Chronomat watch with a red dial, so the new version is very meaningful. That is, the Red Arrows watches are basically the same as the standard chronomat with blue dials, but with Red Arrows logos at 12 o’clock.

To add more Red Arrow elements to make them more features, but because it is created under the Blessings of the UK Royal Air Force – a Breitling-year spirit is its only listing partner – creative rooms may be restricted.

On the other hand, this watch attracts those who want to present some air-sports stunt charms with cautious packaging. At the same time, the price of the Red Arrows is only 5% higher than the standard model, so it is a useful upgrade for aviation or stunt flying enthusiasts.

“Diamond Nine”
The only public referred to the dial is the “ninth diamond” sign, the “red arrow” trademark form. It is located at 12 o’clock, and is located on a blue dial that is illuminated through sunlight, along with a black small dial.

The Red Arrow is 42 mm fine steel case with standard Chronomat. It is equipped with a one-way lap, and the quarter of the lap has a rider tongue, defining the first generation of Chronomat, but now it is streamlined, so that it is almost flush with the lap. luxury replica watches

As with the original version, the rider’s label can be interchangeable, so that the wearer can convert the lap from the time to a countdown. Red arrows version with Renaiss Rouleaux bracelets, add retro feelings to the original modern watch.

The Red Arrow is equipped with Calibre 01 that is the internal movement in the high-end timeline table, including flagship NavitiMer. The movement 01 movement has a power storage for up to 70 hours, a fine movement, a guide post wheel and a vertical clutch. It can be seen by the sapphire back cover, although only partially attributed to the crystal, the “red arrow” badge is printed.

Breitling Years Lee Chronomat Red Arrows LIMITED Edition
REF. AB01347A1C1A1

Diameter: 42 mm
Height: 15.1 mm
Material: Steel
Water resistance: 200 m

Movement: B01 movement
Function: Time, minute, second;
Character Date: Auto String
Frequency: 28,800 shots per hour (4 Hz)
Power storage: 70 hours

Tablet: Rouleaux bracelet