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The standard configuration of the sportsman bombing the street is this “big bang”!

When it comes to recommending a “stylish man bombing the street” watch for you, the first thing I think of is the Swiss pioneer watch brand Hublot (Hublot fake). Hublot has a very “street bombing” series of watches-Big Bang series watches, with avant-garde design, both in material selection and appearance are very good, sought after by many young watch friends, in Many celebrity watches are also quite famous, very suitable for domineering men who pursue a cool personality. Next, let us appreciate a brand new Big Bang series watch: (watch model: 451.EX.5123.EX)

In terms of watch material selection, ceramic material has always occupied the watch market with its unique material advantages. It has the advantages of high hardness, resistance to wear, and never fade. For watches that are often worn, the ceramic case can make it Always keep the beginning “new”.

The Hublot BIG BANG UNICO INTEGRAL watch is particularly clever in design. Not only does it use a high-tech ceramic case, its bezel, case back and bracelet are all made of this high-tech ceramic. The integrated ceramic design has a very delicate overall texture. , From the lugs to the bracelet, it fits the wearer’s wrist perfectly and is extremely comfortable to wear. The special “navy blue” tone is atmospheric and calm. Although the shape is still cool and avant-garde, the low-key “navy blue” color scheme brings a sense of tranquility and elegance, and the design is very clever.

Polished blue ceramic case with satin-finished sides, 42 mm in diameter, 13.45 mm in thickness, medium size

The square chronograph button is pressed smoothly and smoothly, and the crown is equipped with a non-slip adjustment pattern

The ceramic bezel still continues Hublot’s iconic 6 H-shaped titanium screws

The hour markers are equipped with a luminous coating to ensure the watch’s night vision function.

The fully hollowed-out matte dial, with black, blue, and gray shades contrasting each other, gives the high luxury watch store a more profound and mysterious visual atmosphere. There is a small seconds dial at 9 o’clock on the left, and a chronograph dial at 3 o’clock. Start the chronograph button, the middle chronograph pointer starts to rotate, and the red mark at the end of the pointer is convenient for the wearer to read the time accurately.

The bracelet structure of the new Hublot BIG BANG UNICO INTEGRAL one-piece watch is unique. Its chain is ingeniously integrated with the case. It consists of three chains, including a central chain and two horizontal chains, which are polished and satin-finished. This kind of process has brought an extraordinary sense of beauty.

Inside the watch is equipped with the second-generation Hublot watch factory-made Unico movement HUB1280, which is an optimized and upgraded version of the Unico HUB1242 movement. The movement uses a thinner automatic winding system with a thickness of only 1.3 millimeters. It also has four patented innovations, including an oscillating second hand clutch, a chronograph friction system with ball bearing adjustment, and a one-way gear The ratchet wheel fixing system and the pointer device fine-tuning system are stable and reliable.

Since Hublot launched the Big Bang Integral all-in-one watch in 2020, it has been loved by watch friends from all walks of life because of its handsome and cool appearance. The smooth and smooth integrated design is exquisite in structure and highly aesthetically recognizable. It can be called the best product of the modern trendy man’s wrist.