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The standard configuration of the sportsman bombing the street is this “big bang”!

When it comes to recommending a “stylish man bombing the street” watch for you, the first thing I think of is the Swiss pioneer watch brand Hublot (Hublot fake). Hublot has a very “street bombing” series of watches-Big Bang series watches, with avant-garde design, both in material selection and appearance are very good, sought after by many young watch friends, in Many celebrity watches are also quite famous, very suitable…

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ASTRONOMIA Tourbillon Rose Gold

Astronomy is the epitome of ultra-high-end watchmaking in the 21st century and a symbol of global recognition of Jacob&Co watchmaking expertise. Astronomy ranks first in the world in terms of its unprecedented conceptual courage and complete mechanical structure, not only surpassing impressive horological achievements, but also considered to be an outstanding multidisciplinary engineering achievement. The astronomical tourbillon represents the essence of astronomy: this is a cinematic sculpture whose four-arm movement…