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BEST Jaquet Droz

Tell a unique story swiss Jaquet Droz reveals the new “Water Bazaar” custom watch

Jacques Droz has always been committed to seeking the pleasant experience of “beauty”, telling moving stories with unique timepieces, and evoking emotional resonance with artistic beauty. This year, the brand newly created a private customized watch with a limited edition of only one piece—the small dial for hours and minutes painted on the water market perfectly inherits this watchmaking philosophy. The works show the high-end customized services that the brand has inherited for nearly three centuries. With unique aesthetic concepts and superb craftsmanship, it freezes an exclusive time memory of the hometown water market.

The Floating Market is an ancient custom bred under the unique landform of Vietnam. As the sky gets brighter every day, ships full of cargo begin to shuttle through the messy water maze. The shouts and cries of vendors gradually break the tranquility of the Mekong River. As the golden light of the morning glow covers the water, more and more The guests are attracted one after another, which makes the river extending in all directions become more and more exciting… This scene of the bustling floating market in the early morning is the hometown in the deep memory of a luxury Jacques Droz watch customizer. The master craftsmen of Jaquet Droz listened to the moving stories of the floating market and studied the local customs and cultural environment in depth, so as to make this unique time of dreams stay on the square inch dial.

The hour and minute dials are painted in micro-drawings at the floating market, which delicately depicts the unique life scene in Vietnam from the bird’s-eye view. The details of the dial, whether it is the unique structure of the scattered boats on the Mekong River, or the clothes and hats of the three local boatmen, all faithfully restore the local cultural characteristics. The watermelons, bananas, coconuts sold on the cargo ships, etc. The abundant fruits in Southeast Asia are clearly visible, and these fresh fruits are vivid in texture or color. With the patient and meticulous pen-and-pen drawing by master craftsmen, and dozens of times of firing in the furnace under high risk of cracking, the vivid pictures and bright colors in the story are achieved. When the lively Southeast Asian floating market scene is dotted on the wrist, the warm hometown scene suddenly comes alive, and one can not help but be immersed in endless memories of the good times of childhood.

Just like the chic and unique water market custom watches, each custom timepiece created by Jaquet Droz replica tells a unique story. For this brand with a history of more than 280 years, the watch customization service is not only the creation of a limited edition watch, but also expresses feelings and reproduces memories through every detail of the work, sharing exclusive time with more timepiece lovers. Each series of Jacques Droz watches can be customized. Customizers can communicate and discuss with brand art masters, display unlimited creative inspiration on their proprietary timepieces, and realize unconstrained personality imagination. In terms of material selection, whether it is the case, dial, or even the lugs, hands and other subtleties, it can satisfy the unique taste of Jaquet Droz fans. In addition, the brand relies on the long-inherited micro-painting, gold carving and other exquisite dial decoration techniques to provide more choices in the artistic expression of customized watches.

Whether it is an unforgettable memory of the hometown or an exciting and important moment, it can be carefully presented in the watch through every detail of the Jaquet Droz customized service, and tell the story that belongs to oneself through the timepiece. From its inception to the present, the brand has always demonstrated outstanding innovative spirit and endless creativity with high-end customized works, constantly demonstrating the uniqueness of its fashion replica watches. In the future, Jacques Droz looks forward to sharing wonderful life stories with more timepiece lovers who also pursue the ultimate artistic beauty, and freeze every precious moment.