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SEVENFRIDAY P series P3 BB watch recommendation

SevenFriday, founded by Daniel Niederer in Switzerland in 2012, is inspired by CRT TVs. The movement is Miyoda’s core. After the watchmaker’s skillful hands, it becomes an incredible work, thanks to its excellent design and stylish appearance. Popular in Europe and America. Below we recommend a SEVENFRIDAY P series P3 BB watch for you, this watch is very fashionable and dynamic. Young friends, don’t miss it!

Watch type: automatic machinery

Applicable people: men

Movement model: Miyota 82S7

Case material: stainless steel black PVD

Coating surface diameter: 47×47.6 mm

Strap material: leather

Strap color: black

Waterproof depth: 30 meters

Main function: 24 o’clock

Sevenfriday T1/01 - COCORICO Replica Watch

Enjoy life casually and easily swiss SevenFriday watch introduction

The traditional timing function of the watch is not so important to the modern era where mobile phones are highly popular. The decorative role of the watch is getting stronger, it can show the identity and temperament of the wearer. Nowadays, wearing watches is a popular trend, and many young people also like to wear watches. Compared with traditional watches, young people prefer fashionable watches that meet their needs. The SevenFriday watch, established in 2012, is one of the favorite brands of young people. Maybe you still don’t know the brand very well, so let’s introduce it to you.

SevenFriday (Seven Friday) watch introduction

SevenFriday (Chinese name translated as Seven Fridays), was founded by Daniel Niederer in Switzerland in 2012. The design was inspired by CRT TV sets. The movement was Miyoda, which became an incredible work through the skill of watchmakers. Since its launch, it has quickly become popular in Europe and America due to its outstanding design and fashionable appearance. This brand began to enter China in 2013, but there is no franchise store yet. It can be seen from the official website that it is currently sold in the form of cooperation. SevenFriday currently launched three series, a total of six watches. A more cool color version will be launched in the future. From the perspective of its design and manufacturing, its main customers are young and middle-aged friends aged 18-40.

SevenFriday (Seven Friday) design concept

The brand SevenFriday means that every day of the week is Friday, showing a relaxed and comfortable attitude to life! Metal, factories, tools, engines, machinery, cars-constitute the universe of SevenFriday watches, and are also the source of inspiration for all creations of the brand. There is an iconic and simple square shell, a trendy jump out of the round shell of traditional watches. SevenFriday’s cheap watches design focuses on the case and the dial, using stainless steel to create an extremely complex case with Jaeger-LeCoultre movement protection capabilities.

SevenFriday (Seven Friday) watch quality

Three series are currently launched, namely Industrial Elements, Industrial Revolution and Industrial Engines. Each series has two different representatives. All series use the Japanese Miyota 82S7 movement, the power reserve reaches 45 hours, the movement performance is quite satisfactory, and the watch price is relatively low. The 47mm large dial design, simple and retro design demonstrates the post-punk spirit of the industrial age. SevenFriday is different from other dials. The five-layer dial structure creates a sense of visual chaos, impacts the eyes, and derives a unique design that makes each SevenFriday watch unique in vision and senses. The above-mentioned unique design of SevenFriday meets the needs of fashionable people to wear this watch.

The replica SevenFriday watch is a wrist boutique representing individuality, implying a relaxed and comfortable attitude towards life, and has become popular all over the world soon after its launch.