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Ulysse Nardin Diver Net Concept watch

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To celebrate the solo “Vendee Globe” of the Round the World Yacht Race, watchmaker Ulysse Nardin, facing the open sea, launched the “Diver Net” concept watch with the concept of marine protection. Global exploration and environmental protection are the core values ​​of Ulysse Nardin. In addition to internal research and development, recent initiatives include finding innovative upstart companies to help them develop new materials and practices that are good for the environment.

“We hope to use the concept of Diver Net to prove that we can use marine debris to produce high-quality luxury products,” Ulysse Nardin President and CEO Patrick Pruniaux explained through a digital demonstration.

In the past few years, the definition of luxury has been slowly developing and has now incorporated important concepts such as recyclability and sustainability. At the beginning of one of the most adventurous and unique sailing races of the month, Ulysse Nardin found a perfect time to draw people’s attention to find a solution to global warming. A solution to one of the key problems.

Diver Net is a concept watch related to the United Nations Diver X series specifically for Vendee Globe. The series holds an uninterrupted yacht race every four years and is called “Ocean Everest”. For about four months, the single sailor faced the harsh conditions of the Atlantic and South Oceans in the single-hull yacht without docking, support or technical assistance. The brave sailors were named after the department of Vendée, the French port where the race started and ended. The brave sailors traveled more than 40,000 kilometers around the world in the most turbulent ocean on earth.

The first element of the new diver net is the creation of a new “R-Strap”, a belt made from recyclable fishing nets, which is one of the main sources of ocean plastic pollution. This marks the first cooperation between the United Nations and Fil&Fab, the first net recycling center in France responsible for collecting waste plastic nets. In France alone, more than 800 tons of polyamide waste are produced every year.

When looking for other low-impact solutions, Ulysse Nardin has also been trying to replace the traditional sapphire glass with transparent ceramic glass, which is still in the testing stage. The ceramic glass that showed positive results was used in the Diver Net concept here, and if the test continues to go well, it may be used in other series.

“For me, this project is very important, and it is very precious to me, because it was a project that started more than three years ago. We have been exploring different types of materials and trying to explore the integration of products together internally. The best way, this product will encapsulate some of the best technologies available today.” Pruniaux said.

The rest of this concept cheapest watches uses silicon-based technology in the UN-118 movement, so we want to be as environmentally friendly as possible. The concave unidirectional bezel is also made of fishing nets, and the green design details (including the acid green SuperLuminova) suggest its connection with nature. The power reserve indicator at twelve o’clock, the date window and the small seconds at six o’clock add useful functions.

World champion skier, Olympic medalist, and surfer Mathieu Crepel is the spokesperson of the concept of “Diving Net”. The perfect spokesperson of “Diving Net” is connected with Water House, an organization dedicated to developing a healthy planet. “They [Ulysse Nardin] are at the forefront of using the highest quality and durable materials. In turn, this recycled plastic becomes a raw material for special products. This is an important brand statement; manufacturing luxury goods now requires a global approach .” Crepel said.

The ultimate goal of Diver Net is to incentivize the closure of new plastic production globally, thereby reducing ocean pollution levels. With the recycling of fishing nets, Ulysse Nardin (Ulysse Nardin) proposed a concrete starting point to help this process. There is no doubt that recycled materials are a necessity for the future.