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What is the relationship between Tudor and Rolex

Many people may have the impression that Tudor was also founded by Mr. Hans willsdorf. In fact, this is a misunderstanding. The trademark “the Tudor” was first registered in 1926, not by Mr. Hans, but by a watch dealer named “Veuve de Philippe h ΓΌ ther”.

After the company registered the trademark, Mr. Hans got the exclusive right to use it. The company was also a watch manufacturer at that time, but the watch making level was relatively average.

So it’s clear that Hans willsdorf was not the one who registered the rudder trademark at the beginning.

The first batch of Tudor products were sold to Australia. At that time, the logo on the product was a combination of Tudor letters, but the letter “t” was very long, covering the last four letters. Then in 1936, 10 years after the trademark was registered, the dealer officially transferred Tudor to Mr. Hans because of the bad business. That is to say, in 1936, Tudor began to belong to Mr. Hans, and gradually became a sub brand of Rolex. Many people may think that Mr. Hans picked up a big bargain here. In fact, otherwise, the Tudor was just a trademark, not a watch maker at all.

Then came March 6, 1946, another 10 years later. A company named montres Tudor S.A was founded in Geneva with the founder Hans willsdorf. From this day, Tudor officially became a watchmaker and a supplement to Rolex’s low-end market.

In this way, Replica Rolex and Tudor these two brands, intertwined to today.

In all these years of development, Rolex has provided a lot of help and support for Tudor, and Tudor is also closely following the steps of big brother, so this is why everyone says Tudor is Rolex’s younger brother.

Of course, Tudor has been working hard to get rid of Rolex’s shadow in recent years. When it comes to Tudor’s classic tudor black bay series, it was launched in 2012 and won an award in the Geneva watch awards the following year, and then it is a self-made movement. In a word, Tudor’s performance in recent years is very good, and its cost performance is super high.

Finally, how would you choose Rolex and Tudor?