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Rolex and Tudor 2020 New Watches

Tudor replica watch launched black bay 1958 “Navy Blue” watch. On the day of release, the brand negotiated with the authorized retailers to supply new products to the store and prepared marketing materials. A few months after the store was closed due to the epidemic, the new Tudor watch was released, which rekindled the enthusiasm of watch fans.

Rolex, the sister brand of Tudor, will hold a new product launch from September 1 to 4. Normally, the new watches that appear at Basel world in March will arrive at retail stores in a few months.

Now it looks like Rolex fake watches might follow the Tudor release strategy. It is said that the brand retail partners have been told to be ready to distribute the new wristwatches so that they can be sold on the day of launch. Rolex has not officially informed authorized retailers or industry media, but brand representatives have promised that the new watch will be ready.

As an independent watch company, Rolex has only two brands, Rolex and Tudor. One is luxury brand, and the other is luxury brand. Rolex just occupies the two markets of luxury watch and luxury watch which Rolex attaches great importance to, and is also the most valuable and popular. Maybe it is because the price of top watch market is too high and relatively small, and the price of people-friendly watch market is low It is enough to show the aspiration and value of pure tabulation enterprises.

When talking about Tudor, we will always mention another brand Rolex. For many years, Tudor has been living in the shadow of Rolex. Some people say that Tudor is Rolex’s “son”, while others say Tudor is a subsidiary brand of Rolex. In fact, both of them are true. What is the relationship between Tudor and Rolex?