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A Pair Of Special ‘Chameleon’ Black Bays To Match The Visa Cash App RB Livery For The Miami Grand Prix

It’s Grand Prix weekend in Miami, and Tudor has taken to Instagram to tease a special pair of Black Bay dive watches created for the drivers of the Visa Cash App RB F1 Team that mirror a special livery designed for the race in Miami. For those who missed the announcement a couple of months ago, Tudor is a sponsor of the Visa Cash App RB Formula 1 team, and the team’s drivers, high quality replica watches Daniel Ricciardo and Yuki Tsunoda, have both been seen wearing Team Black Bay Ceramic models with bright blue dials. For Miami, there’s a new livery on the car and a new livery for their wrists. The livery is inspired by the Cash App Visa Chameleon Card, and not only does the multi-color finish grace both Tsunoda and Ricciardo’s cars, but it’s also on their wrist via a pair of custom Chameleon-dial Black Bay Ceramic watches. I scoured what images I could find on Instagram and via Red Bull and did my best with these low-res images, but sadly, Tudor does not have press images available as only two of these watches were made, and they are spoken for (you know, by the drivers). high quality replica watches Thankfully, we did get a couple of images of the watches on wrist… In a sport where liveries and special helmet designs are part of each race’s news cycle, I love that Tudor is getting into the mix with race-inspired colorways of the watches worn by the drivers. What do you think? Would you be interested in a production Chameleon dial Black Bay? With only two being made – and with liveries commonly changing throughout the championship – it’s possible that these two colorful divers will disappear after this coming race weekend, but here’s hoping we get to see one in person someday soon (and get some proper images). high quality replica watches Practice sessions for the Grand Prix start tomorrow, and Miami is also home to another Sprint weekend, so over Saturday and Sunday (race day), there will be plenty of opportunity to see the Chameleon Cash App cars (and maybe the matching watches) around the track and paddock. Here’s hoping for some great racing.