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Return Of The Red Submariner Date: Danny Milton

I am certainly not the first one to propose a watch like this. I have seen renders of it on the internet lately though I am a bit confused that a lot of folks I know are proposing a Red Submariner no-date. Historically, that wasn’t a thing and so I don’t think it will become a thing. But I digress – my prediction is far more specifically a Red Submariner Date which harkens back to the original Sub Date ref. 1680 from the late ’60s which lasted only a handful of years.

My thought here is that the Red Sea-Dweller may be no more this year, and that watch always felt like a split the baby approach: give the people what they want by way of a “red” diver but give it to them in such a large package that most won’t ever spring for it (or have the wrist to support it). I think that the “Starbucks” Submariner can exists on its own as the “white text” Submariner and we bring a some special energy back to the classic Submariner Date with the red text. Of course I am biased towards this watch given by well documented obsession with the OG Red Sub and its connection to Robert Redford. Let’s just say if a watch like this were to come out this year, I may have no choice but to try to grab one… Of course, don’t hold me to that.
In any event, this just goes to show you what power Rolex wields when it comes to watch enthusiasts trying to figure out what they will and won’t do year in and year out. We certainly fall into that bucket and make it a yearly tradition to get clairvoyant with the Crown’s novelties. Last year we (okay, I) basically correctly foresaw the gold GMT and I’ll never let anyone forget it. This year our choices run the gamut from “obvious” to full-on funky. We made our Tudor picks yesterday, and now without further ado, here are our predictions for Rolex mere days ahead of Replica Watches & Wonders 2024. Like we said yesterday, let us know what predictions you have in the comments and tell which of ours you like best!