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Escale Cabinet Of Wonders

Next, Louis Vuitton released a trio of Escale pieces. Each limited edition watch draws inspiration from objects in the collection of Gaston-Louis Vuitton, who led the company for much of the 20th century. The three Escale Cabinet of Wonders pieces are (1) Koi’s Garden, (2) Dragon’s Cloud, and (3) Snake’s Jungle. All are limited editions of 20 pieces and have a retail price of about $270,000. Each uses a variety of artisanal techniques and artistry to craft different dials
For me, the “Snake’s Jungle” is the standout, which depicts a forest and uses a variety of wood, parchment, and straw, all hand cut and assembled to create the jungle scene. In total, 267 individual pieces come together to create the dial. But that’s not all: a snake also slithers across the scene, combining micro-sculpture, engraving, and champlev√© enamelling to create a 3D serpentine.

The brand says that this trio of new Escale watches is the first of a redesigned Escale collection. Hand-polished case horns meant to evoke the brackets of Louis Vuitton’s traditional trunks are still a standout of the case design. All three models of the Escale Cabinet of Wonders collection feature gold 20mm cases and use the caliber LFT023, an automatic movement with 50-hour power reserve beating at 28,800 beats per hour.