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It’s Time To Treat Yourself

The holidays have come to a close, we’ve rung in the new year, and Valentine’s Day has already come and gone. After a busy season of finding the perfect gift for others, focusing on your goals, etc., it might be the right time to splurge on a little something special for yourself for a change. Maybe you’ve got some extra cash warming your pocket, or you’re one of the lucky ones who got a holiday bonus and are looking for the next piece in your collection. Whatever your case, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite watches from the Hodinkee Shop that accommodate a range of budgets to help you indulge in your self-gifting desires and treat yourself to your new favorite timepiece
While Accutron delighted fanatics with its tribute to the world’s first electrostatic watch with the relaunch of its legendary 1960s Spaceview back in 2020, the 2023 take on the Spaceview Evolution strikes as a touch more forward-thinking in its approach to the iconic model family, unafraid to make the necessary changes in pursuit of innovation. One aspect of this is a shift both metaphorically and physically – the movement has been literally shifted 30 degrees from its predecessor to achieve a greater sense of visual harmony, as well as to show off the richly textured finish of the newly decorated bridgework. The crown has also been moved slightly upwards to the two o’clock position – a subtle detail that infuses this piece with just a touch more of quirky intrigue.

The unique electrostatic movement, open-worked dial, smooth sweeping seconds hand, and domed profile that have been a staple across the line since its inception are all accounted for here. While the green dial detail on the 2020 model is a familiar callback to the original vintage model, it is nice to see the brand experiment with color combinations to bring this heritage-inspired timepiece into the contemporary age. This is why I’ve gone with the louder color option of the two, paired with a vibrant cobalt alligator strap and white dial (however, the more austere black variant is still available for the more rugged traditionalists out there). All in all, this is a timepiece that invites an extended conversation, both with its retro-futuristic design and storied history.