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Hublot Big Bang Golf Sky Blue Carbon proves everything is at your wrist

Golf is big business, with an impact of over $100 billion in the U.S. alone by 2022. So naturally, the various gear associated with the sport, including high-tech clubs and accessories, can bring in a lot of cash, too. Among the must-have toys for the modern rich, the Hublot Big Bang Unico Golf Carbon Fiber Watch tops the list. The golf ball, which debuted in 2017, was designed in collaboration with U.S. Open and Masters champion Dustin Johnson and comes in a range of colorways including orange, yellow, blue and green near the fairways and more conservative silver and black models. . Now, Hublot is back with a gorgeous sky blue version, a big, bold statement piece perfect for a day on the court.

Among watch complications, the mechanical golf scorer is quite niche. Most golfers these days tend to use smartwatch solutions, but in the past, simple clicker-style scoreboards were worn on the wrist, but they were usually cheap items purchased at local pro shops, and they did not display the time, So mechanical golf watches are very rare. Still, you can’t deny the convenience of a wrist-mounted scorer. High-end golf watches are not a new idea, the Cartier Pasha Golf Watch and Glashütte Original PanoMaticCounter XL are both rare elastic watches, but the Hublot Big Bang Unico Golf Carbon takes this idea and gives it a sportier feel shape. .

Of course, Hublot watches are designed to attract attention, and the Golf is no exception. The new color gives the case and iconic bezel a bright, summery feel, a feeling further enhanced by the Big Bang’s diameter. Sky blue Texalium gleams in the light, showcasing the weave of carbon, fiberglass and aluminum composites more strikingly than some of the darker colors in the range. True to its sporting nature, the Unico Golf is shock-resistant and water-resistant to 100 meters, deeper than any water hazard I know of. Considering its size, you might be surprised to know that the entire watch and strap weighs less than 100 grams, thanks to the high-tech materials used. The layered structure changes to black carbon underneath, and the case profile is familiar to Big Bang fans. It’s a big watch, measuring 45mm in diameter and 18.2mm in height, but again, it’s a purpose-built sports high quality replica watches, so that’s to be expected with unusual complications inside the case.

Speaking of complexity, you can keep track of which hole you’re playing, the number of strokes on that hole, and your total score, all controlled by buttons at 2, 4, and 8. Here’s a fun fact: The color-coded pushers at 2 and 4 are shaped like the head of a golf putter! Yes, it’s a high roller’s toy, but it’s a useful one and intuitive to use. Like any watch that does more than just tell time, the Golf is fun to use, and like the bezel on a dive watch or the pushers on a chronograph, you may find yourself fiddling with it even if you’re nowhere near the golf course .

From the easy-to-read skeletonized dial and handset, to the stunning view of the HUB1580 automatic movement through the sapphire case back, you can feel the typical level of craftsmanship that the brand is known for. The movement has a frequency of 4 Hz, 43 jewels, a skeletonized rotor and an ample power reserve of 72 hours. The movement finish is clean and modern—not as flashy as traditional Swiss brands, but entirely in keeping with the contemporary aesthetic of the replica swiss watches.

The strap also echoes the look, in black and blue lightweight stitched rubber and leather with an embossed carbon fiber texture, and a black ceramic and titanium deployant clasp. If you’d like to change to the included black fabric strap, Hublot’s one-touch quick release system makes this easy. One more thing: Like previous versions of the Golf, Sky Blue is a limited edition of 100 pieces, so you’d better pick up your game if you want it.

Hublot Big Bang Unico Golf Sky Blue Carbon Fiber
Brand Hublot
Model Big Bang Unico Golf Sky Blue Carbon Fiber
Reference number 416.YE.1120.VR
Housing dimensions 45mm (D) x 18.2mm (L)
Case material carbon fiber, Texalium
Water resistance 100 meters
crystal sapphire
Dial Skeletonization
Straps black/blue rubber and leather
Mobile MHUB1580 Unico, internal, automatic
Power reserve 72 hours
Features Hours, minutes, golf hole, shot and score indicators