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Grand Seiko SBGA481 “Tokyo Lion” grand launch

A Bold New Product from an Elegant Watchmaker fake Grand Seiko has traditionally been known for its elegant and business-oriented watches, but in recent years the brand has branched out into sports watches, adding a range of new cases that differ from its regular collection. Among them, the most distinctive feature is the multi-faceted dial launched with SBGA403 on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Spring Drive movement in 2019. This case design is rarely seen in the brand’s standard catalogue, but luckily the trend is turning with the introduction of the SBGA481 “Tokyo Lion”.

Bold Case with Elegant Dial
The case and dial of the latest SBGA481 bear the unmistakable Grand Seiko logo due to its high-quality finish. Yet within these familiar elements lie hidden details that make it stand out among the brand’s offerings. Let’s explore this case first.

In keeping with the design ethos of many Grand Seiko models, the SBGA481 adopts a tonneau shape, breaking away from the traditional round design. What sets it apart, however, are the generous facets that elegantly accentuate the finely polished flat surfaces. These facets are much broader than what’s common on typical chassis like the 44GS.

This design sometimes finds a place in the Grand Seiko catalogue. Since its debut four years ago on the occasion of Spring Drive’s 20th anniversary, only a handful of Grand Seiko timepieces have featured the case, most of them limited editions. However, the exciting news is that the latest SBGA481 is now part of the regular production lineup. Another piece of good news is that despite its 44.5mm case size and wide facets, comfort remains uncompromised. That’s because the entire watch, including the bracelet, is made of lightweight titanium.

Likewise, the dial follows the pattern expected from a Grand Seiko watch, but with larger, more organic brushed strokes. Launched in 2019, this novel ‘lion’s mane’ motif has become a recurring motif in various collections, depicting themes such as clouds and cherry blossoms. It now ranks among the most recognizable dial designs, alongside classic dials such as the “Snowflake” or “Iwate” dials.

Interestingly, previous examples with this case and dial combination tended to have a more sporty feel. This characteristic is not only reflected in the bold case design, but also in the choice of dial color – often favoring dark or bold hues, as exemplified by the original SBGA403 and SBGA405 “Godzilla” versions.

However, the latest SBGA481 takes a refined approach to the dial color. Now it comes in a light silvery shade, which the brand describes as creamy. This muted color offers a sense of tranquility, balanced by the bold case design, giving the watch its versatility for all occasions.

The SBGA481 is a unique cheap Grand Seiko timepiece featuring an unusually large 44.5mm case with sharp angles and facets, but with a refined dial. However, it is this uniqueness that enhances its appeal. Fans of the brand who already own a variety of Grand Seiko watches (often with similar cases and movements, but different dials) may find this watch particularly appealing because it captures the brand in an entirely unique design The typical characteristics of the watch-exquisite dial and impeccable case. set, even though it is one of the more expensive pure chronograph Grand Seiko watches.

Grand Seiko SBGA481 “Tokyo Lion” Specifications

Movement: 9R65; automatic; 72-hour power reserve
Functions: Hours, minutes, seconds, date and power reserve indicator
Case: 44.5 mm; titanium; water-resistant to 200 m
Strap: Titanium strap