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Patek Philippe’s new October watch

The watch king Patek Philippe is full of firepower in the second half of the year! Released 8 new watches at a time, including Nautilus 5811, with left crown, with rainbow circle, and the first stainless steel world time zone chronograph, etc. The number and topic of discussion are comparable to the W&W watch exhibition at the beginning of the year. More than ever. The rumored successor to the 5711 has indeed revealed the new model 5811, but it is made of white gold, and the price is high. In addition, the expected 25th anniversary of Aquanaut and 90th anniversary of Calatrava have been unsuccessful. However, there are still two months in 2022, with the current scattered rhythm of new watch releases of major brands, who knows!

The new model of 5811 is the first platinum material
Update Folding Buckle Style

PATEK Philippe 5811/1G-001 Watch information

The much-anticipated successor to the 5711 model, the new model 5811 was released in October 2022, and it was the first to come out in white gold with a classic blue finish. The diameter of the watch is slightly increased to 41 mm compared with the 5711. It adopts a blue-black gradient dial, is equipped with a 26-330 automatic winding movement, and adopts a two-piece case. After replacing the 3711, it returned for the first time to a two-piece case. According to collectors who have seen the actual watch from abroad, the color of the dial is bluer and darker than that of 5711. This is the special honor that can only be felt by powerful collectors when they get started.

In addition, the new model has a major focus for collectors, that is, the buckle is replaced by a new type of folding buckle that is easy to open and close, which can be unfolded by pressing the buttons on both sides. In addition, the length can be extended by 2~4 mm. Speaking of the most important details of the facelift; it was used in the Nautilus 57.4 million perpetual calendar and the Aquanaut before, and now it has been updated in response to the new model. However, as mentioned above, since the new 5811 is made of platinum and the price is high, the most entry-level model priced by Nautilus has fallen to 5712/1A. Whether it will have a subtle impact on the subsequent market conditions is also worth observing.

World time zone chronograph sees the A word for the first time
Stainless steel with Salmon Dial

PATEK PHILIPPE 5935A-001 World Time Zone Chronograph 5935A-001 Model Information Diameter 41mm, Stainless Steel / CH 28-520 HU Automatic Movement / World Time, Chronograph, 24 Hours, Day and Night Display / Transparent Bottom Cover / Waterproof depth 30 meters

If you see an “A” in a Patek Philippe model, you must pay attention. This model is the world’s first time zone chronograph made of stainless steel. The matching rose gold opalescent dial is decorated with carbon fiber style textures that are close to the tone of the salmon dial that has been sought after by collectors in recent years. Paired with salmon dial to form a powerful combination in the eyes of collectors. Counting down the various colors before the world time zone chronograph, including the gradient red and black, blue and green surfaces of the 5930, it can be seen that although the model itself is relatively weak, the color matching is very eye-catching.

The watch king is rarely seen with the left crown
Single press split chronograph perpetual calendar

PATEK PHILIPPE 5373P-001 Watch information Diameter 38.3mm, platinum material / CHR 27-525 PS Q manual winding movement / date, day, month, perpetual calendar, moon phase, chronograph, day and night display / transparent case back / 48 hours Kinetic energy display / waterproof depth 30 meters

Patek Philippe’s first left-crown chronograph, equipped with split-seconds chronograph and perpetual calendar top complication, with an charcoal black dial and a bright red varnished chronograph second hand. In addition to changing the crown to the 9 o’clock position, the button is also moved to 8 o’clock, and the exposed part of the bold Arabic numerals is also different from the previous style. Basically, the structure of the 5372P is rotated 180 degrees counterclockwise. It can be seen that the layout of the chronograph has changed from the lower three eyes to the upper three eyes, and the small round window for day and night and leap year displays has also moved from the bottom of the dial to the top.

The rainbow circle of the watch king
Dedicated to the Aquanaut Chronograph Ladies

PATEK PHILIPPE 7968/300R-001 Model Information Diameter 39.9mm, Rose Gold Material / CH 28-520 Automatic Winding Movement / Chronograph / Transparent Case Back / 55 Hours Kinetic Display / Water Resistance 30 Meters

Aquanaut’s first chronograph for women, and also the first self-winding chronograph for women. The watch is specially set with iridescent gemstones on the bezel with 40 stepped diamonds on the inner ring and 40 graduated sapphires on the outer ring, the white mother-of-pearl dial is engraved with Aquanaut ribbing, set with multi-colored sapphire hour markers, and once with red , Matte Beige and Matte White three composite rubber straps. Although the watch is positioned as an Aquanaut Luce women’s watch, the diameter of the watch is a size that some men can accept.

Low profile popular model 5990/1A
Introducing the classic blue and black gradient layer

PATEK PHILIPPE 5990/1A-011 Model Information Diameter 40.5mm, Stainless Steel / CH 28-520 C FUS Self-winding Movement / Date, Dual Time Zone, Chronograph, Day and Night Display / Transparent Case Back / 55 Hours of Kinetic Energy / Water Resistance 120 meters

Under the halo of super popular styles such as 5711 and 5712, although the 5990/1A two-place time chronograph is more restrained, it is actually a low-key and popular model that is very popular among top collectors. Because it is equipped with two complicated functions, the price is of course relatively high. Tall, but the layout is symmetrical and the style is stable, which is very popular. The previous 5990/1A-001 is a charcoal black gradient dial, and the new 5990/1A-011 is a blue-black gradient dial. The tones are all dark, so the difference is not big at first glance; however, the subtle difference in this color matching, It is also a point of view for collectors to savor carefully. In addition, like 5811/1G, it has been updated to a new type of folding buckle that can extend the length.