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Frank Muller Crazy Hours celebrates 30th anniversary

Franck Muller celebrates its 30th anniversary with diamond speckles on the dial of the new Crazy Hours 30th Anniversary, a line of sparkling Crazy Hours watches.

One of the Geneva-based watchmaker’s most famous designs, the Crazy Hours’ dial features numeral markers arranged around the dial in a decidedly unconventional order.

Muller’s genius was in creating a jumping-hour movement that made the hour hand jump from one hour to the next in the correct numerical sequence, while the minute hand moved across the dial in the traditional way. By reading the minute hand, ignoring the position of the hour hand on the dial, the wearer can see the correct time.

In this 30th anniversary set, Franck Muller has combined his own collection of Art Deco dial numbers, off-centre in another set of decorative “hologram” numbers, embossed on the guilloche sun-pattern dial. The dial is lively thanks to twenty layers of translucent lacquer.

Franck Muller celebrates its three decades with a diamond “30th” on the top left of the dial, subtly combining the zero at the 3 o’clock marker and the 10 o’clock marker.

All of this is set in Franck Muller’s most famous case, the Cintrée Curvex, an elongated tonneau-shaped design. Franck Muller’s own finely crafted MVD FM 2800-CHR automatic movement with a bidirectional rotor powers the collection.

Franck Muller offers the Crazy Hours 30th in rose gold, white gold or stainless steel cases in three sizes, with a royal blue dial or a deep burgundy dial. Also look for the Crazy Color Dreams version with a white dial with colored numerals and a white or red leather strap. All products are available with or without a diamond-set bezel.

The time on this watch is not normal, but the hour hand is designed to always point to the correct time

This year, Swiss luxury watch brand Franck Muller celebrates its 30th anniversary. To commemorate this special occasion, the company has released a new limited-edition collection of its iconic Crazy Hours watch collection. Maybe that’s why there’s a renewed interest in bumpy timepieces that look like they’re straight from Alice in Wonderland. In fact, a video of one of the luxury watches was recently shared on Reddit, and it received quite a bit of attention.

The short clip highlights the incredible nature of the watch, showing how the numbers on its face are mixed up; however, the hour hand still displays the time correctly. Since it was first posted, the video has garnered over 1,300 comments discussing this unique watch. Its seemingly magical timekeeping capabilities are all due to the watch’s intricate internal mechanism. The numbers are all messed up, but the hour hand makes up for the difference through the intricate movement of the watch’s tourbillon design.

The company even released a limited-edition Snoopy-inspired Crazy Hours watch before. The arms of the iconic Peanuts character indicate time instead of traditional hands. He even joined his faithful sidekick Woodstock. Snoopy’s arms move around in a unique Crazy Hours fashion that looks like he’s dancing, just like a scene from a famous cartoon. But there is a deeper meaning behind the playfulness of watch design.

Franck Muller describes the Crazy Hours luxury watch as “the realization of a completely innovative approach to the concept of time…by demonstrating your independence from the order of time, establishing a new philosophy.” Or in other words, The watch is designed to “express the concept of time as an abstract structure – time is ultimately what people create.”

Such a concept complements the timepieces in Wonderland. If White Rabbit was wearing a similar outfit, that might have made it clearer why he was late for a very important appointment. Scroll down to see the fascinating Franck Muller Luxury Crazy Hours watch in action.

Swiss luxury watch brand Franck Muller has designed a bumpy watch called the Crazy Hours watch that looks like it’s out of a wonderland.

This innovative watch tells the time correctly even when the numbers on the face are jumbled up.

It comes in a variety of styles and colors, including one that offers a peek into its inner workings. replica watches review