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Several brands have made roulette game watches, and this new work is the link between playing games and winding. Based on the original Astronomia rotating celestial tourbillon, the brand adds a roulette on the dial with a ceramic bead inside. As long as the 7:00 position is pressed, the roulette will spin several times quickly. The oscillating weight function provides kinetic energy to the watch during rotation. Rose gold case, diameter 47mm, equipped with JCAM29A hand-wound movement.

JACOB & CO. Astronomia Solar
Jacob & Co. has been particularly fond of the beauty of interstellar movement in recent years. This year, Astronomia Solar has a new member named “Universe”. In addition to the central yellow diamond, the self-rotating flying tourbillon and the globe, three groups of gemstones of different colors are added, which together with the hour and minute disc with twelve constellations as the dial, fly in the air together. At the same time, the lower dial also engraves seven planets, and runs in the opposite direction at a slower speed than the upper one to achieve the most beautiful starry sky scene. The watch is made of rose gold and sapphire crystal, with aventurine dial and full pave baguette diamond style.

JACOB & CO. Astronomical Sky, Sidereal Time

Jacob & Co. draws inspiration from historic astronomical clocks, which are technical marvels. Known for its captivating complications, the brand is back once again with the Astronomia Sky. It combines unprecedented complications: a 3D star display combined with an oval sky indicator and a 24-hour day/night display.

Jacob Arabo, founder of Jacob & Co, said: “Like a sailor led by the sky to the sea, I found my star: the sky of astronomy.” In 2014, he launched A watch that surprised the watch industry. Astro-gravitational three-axis tourbillon.

The celestial dial covers the inner surface of the astronomical case and completes one full revolution in a sidereal year, which is the actual time it takes Earth to make one revolution around the sun relative to a fixed star. The grade 5 blue titanium dial features 18K gold stars, as well as hand-engraved zodiac signs.

Above the celestial sphere is the elliptical sky indicator, which shows the portion of the star visible from the northern hemisphere. The indicator completes a full rotation within a sidereal day. A sidereal day is the time it takes for the Earth to rotate once around its axis: 23.5640916 hours.replica swiss watches online

At the center of the satellite axis, a hand-engraved lacquered titanium sphere rotates within a half-dome of tinted sapphire, symbolizing day and night. The blue barrel rotates around the dial every 20 minutes. As a result, when one looks at the clock, it will never be exactly the same.

On the first satellite is the three-axis gravitational tourbillon, which rotates around one axis in 60 seconds, the second axis every 5 minutes, and the dial every 20 minutes. On the second satellite is the time subdial (hours and minutes). Thanks to a clever differential gear system, the time display is always in the correct position as it rotates around the dial. Mark “12” always faces up. cheap replica watches

The third satellite is the orbital seconds hand, a skeletonized titanium wheel that rotates once in 60 seconds with the seconds hand and revolves around the dial every 20 minutes. On the fourth and final moon is the patented “Jacob Cut” spherical gemstone, a Jacob cut with 288 facets. The gem rotates around its axis every 60 seconds and around the dial every 20 minutes.

The Astronomia Sky has two bows and two wheels on the back, allowing users to easily set the time. One bow is used to set the time and day/night indicator (both based on 24-hour solar time), while the other bow is used to wind the mechanical movement gears. One of the wheels is used to set the star hour and the other is used to set the oval sky indicator. jacob & co astronomia sky black gold at110.31.aa.wd.a

Manual movement, JCAM11,395 movement components, 42 jewels, 60-hour march
Oval Sky Indication, Day/Night, Month, Triaxial Gravity Tourbillon, Second Orbit Indication, Hours and Minutes, Patented Differential System Case
47 mm alligator