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People often mistakenly believe that all Graham cheap watches have a unique trigger mechanism for starting and stopping the chronograph. This design feature is not something that is easy to miss. As Graham chose to use this innovatively designed watch as a limited edition watch to celebrate some of their sponsored projects in the sports field, these projects perfectly reflect their own demeanor and courage, thus raising the public’s awareness of Chronofighter.

However, Graham did produce some other styles of watches. There has never been a brand that meets the boundaries of fashion or is widely accepted as a watch design. These other models deserve careful scrutiny. Just look for a new perspective to look at these high-end timepieces to have fun.

The Graham catalog includes the aforementioned Chronofighter series, whether it is an oversized or smaller RAC model, plus the brave and beautifully designed Swordfish, the highly practical and technically sophisticated but bold Grillo, and the simpler but well-designed Silverstone series, including Stowe , Luffield and Woodcote models and tourbillon diagrams with great horological charm.

When describing Graham timing, practicality is always a key word, and these two models are no exception. Coupled with the fact that every Graham watch is driven by a COSC-rated movement, it is clear that Graham watches are not an excessive fashion statement relying on their broken designs.

Grillo has a date function (have you noticed?), a 24-hour GMT function and a delightful mechanical alarm clock. The alarm clock is controlled by the lower crown, and the time, date and GMT functions are controlled by the upper crown.

It has a diameter of 46 mm and a thickness of 20 mm due to the use of a date magnifier. It has a water resistance of 100 meters and an industry standard 42-hour power reserve for timekeeping. I made this distinction because the alarm clock function also has its own mainspring and winds automatically. This does not have a 42-hour power reserve. This is a more practical 10-15 seconds. best replica watches uk

Speaking of practicality: Silverstone has a chronograph, large date display and 24-hour GMT function.

It consists of a DLC case with PVD coating, rose gold buttons/crown/inner bezel/hands/hour markers, carbon fiber dial and outer bezel. It has a 42 mm case, which is increased to 48 mm due to the oversized crown and buttons. Water resistance is also available at 100m.

Both models use a very comfortable and flexible rubber strap with an oversized (described again) buckle. Grillo’s buckle is stainless steel, and Silverstone’s buckle is DLC.

Grillo’s rubber strap is the only part that is more cleverly designed than Silverstone. I have always liked Graham’s standard rubber strap. Their design is as exquisite as a rubber strap.

However, Silverstone’s rubber strap really shines. Its sleeve has a racing tradition. It’s next to the wearer’s sleeve and the tire pattern runs through.

Silverstone is a watch that can be accessed immediately, in fact, it is very visually appealing to most people. The symmetrical dial layout is very harmonious. The use of high-end materials may look exaggerated on paper, but the coordination can produce amazing results. I just like the contrast between the warm, precious, sparkling light of rose gold and the high-tech reflective depth of carbon fiber.

The crown and buttons are almost immediately seen as disproportionate to the almost exquisite (for Graham) details of the rest of the watch. However, they are in line with Graham’s practical philosophy, and because of the use of precious metals, they do become the real highlight of the overall design. Add to the whole rather than take away.

On the other hand, Grillo has a certain leap in confidence in the owner. However, beyond those polarized aesthetics, you will find a very practical, beautifully crafted, and very high-quality timepiece. Graham replica knows their demographics, and I believe there will be a lot of viewers for watches like this. If you find yourself thinking that this watch is fashionable in a steampunk cool way, then this is definitely for you. I imagine the owner of Grillo as someone who wears a hat with earmuffs all year round. They may have tattoos. They listen to bands you have never heard of, but when you hear them, you wonder why this is the case. In other words, Mr. Non-Average. This is a good thing for those who want to own a Grillo, because the above-mentioned roles are quite common, but among those who are enough to buy a high-end watch like this, it is completely rare. I have never seen one of them in the wild, I looked at everyone’s wrists. A super practical, unique and cool exclusive watch. You can’t ask for more.

The dial has an amazing sunburst pattern, but it does not appear immediately. The case is not only beautifully designed, but the clever use of polished and satin finishes emphasizes different elements.

So, talk about my favorite Grillo aesthetic feature that undoubtedly makes it stand out from any other product on the market: the date magnifier.

I tried to study the actual magnification given by the date window, but could not find it. I guess it is at least an impressive 4X. The magnifying glass is not just the whimsical result of some designers’ overactive imagination. As given in the design brief, it aims to represent an old-fashioned magnifying glass, as used by the great George Graham himself. Now, I believe this interesting fact will not affect those who think that the date magnifier is too keen on filling the dial, but I believe it will enhance the enjoyment of those who do find this fascinating timepiece due to its disarming characteristics and practicality Nature and therefore very attractive.

Under proper lighting conditions, the magnifying glass will refract and distort the light, making it unrecognizable to the wearer, and the wearer will get their own kaleidoscope or pseudo firework show as a reward. I have never seen another watch that can do such a thing.

Unfortunately, you can’t have all of this, and the added practicality and visual quirks of the date magnifier can indeed hinder time reading at certain times of the day. The hour has a very simple design feature. Thanks to the notch on the hour hand and the small dial printed in the center of the dial, the hour can be easily determined at any time of the day. Unfortunately, the minute hand will be affected by legibility and accuracy at any time between approximately 9 and 21 minutes after the hour. There is no doubt that Graham will claim that it adds features to this extroverted watch, but most of us will say that it is a bit frustrating.

shallow? no doubt. excellent? I agree.
You can easily set the alarm by aligning the red pointer with the time you want the alarm to go off.

This is due to the lower crown. When it is pushed in, the alarm turns off. The spring of the alarm clock can be wound in this position. Pull out the crown to set the alarm clock. Rotate the crown in this position to set the red alarm hand. The sound of the alarm clock is easy to wake up. If the alarm is set as a reminder at noon and you happen to be in a noisy environment when the alarm goes off, the watch will vibrate and the reminder will remain. A very practical, rare and interesting accessory in horology, adds a sense of interest to this extraordinary timepiece.

The hour and minute hands are polished to perfectly stand out from the dark dial. The same goes for the perfect white second hand with a red tip. There are so many wonderful design features in such a small area.

The 24-hour GMT display is the exact opposite of the date magnifying glass. The design is quite subtle, but it is easy to read the second time zone. Once again, this is a carefully finished polished frame that highlights the black on the white numbers.

The luminous light of the two watches is in line with Graham’s consistently top-notch brightness and longevity. It can still be easily identified after hours in the dark. As with any design that adds functionality beyond what is needed for the project’s functionality, there will always be different opinions.

The design is indeed subjective. But it is undeniable that every Graham watches pays attention to details and material quality and surface treatment. I regret for those who do not find Graham copy watches visually appealing, because they do miss some great timepieces.

So, all in all, the depth of Graham’s catalog is unclear. Each of these timepieces is very much in line with Graham’s philosophy and his own slogan: “Graham watches meet time. But nothing more.” And, although George Graham himself may not have created such an order. Human hair refers to aesthetic works, but I believe he will recognize London Graham’s recognition of practical, well-thought-out timepieces, which are always manufactured with very high quality.