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Jacob & Co. Astronomia Tourbillion Baguette in rose gold

We talked with Jacob & Co. about McGregor’s visit. “We recently welcomed Conor McGregor to our boutique, where he bought his latest Jacob & Co. timepiece, the rose gold Astronomia Tourbillon Baguette,” said Keith W. Strandberg, Chief Content Officer of Jacob & Co.. “The legend of UFC is the same as MMA, and Connor McGregor has a good taste in watches. He already has several Jacob & Co. timepieces, and he just added this one, which uses the Astronomia three-axis tourbillon movement. , And added rectangular-cut white diamonds to the base dial and the lugs of the rose gold case. This looks great to him, and he can certainly do it.”

Jacob & Co.’s Astronomia watch is a very complicated and complicated mechanism that creates a very unique and beautiful watch. There are four arms that rotate under its domed sphere, like a sapphire crystal-every ten minutes. The four “satellites” on the arm consist of a gravitational three-axis tourbillon, a magnesium earth globe that rotates on the arm every 30 seconds, a multi-faceted diamond moon that also rotates on the arm every 30 seconds, and a The sub-dial displays the hours and minutes, and they also rotate to ensure that the dial is always in the correct 12/6 orientation.

It is definitely not a timepiece for people with weak wrists or wallets. It has a diameter of 50 mm and a price of £730,000. At 25 mm thick, this is not a watch that can easily slip under the cuffs of a shirt-but considering the price and beauty, do you really want it? According to Jacob & Co., the background of the Astronomia watch has “a total of 342 invisible rectangular cut diamonds” and “80 invisible rectangular cut diamonds” in the lugs. The base of the dial has 133 triangle-cut white diamonds, which weigh 16.8 carats just by inserting them. People don’t always understand the amazing cost of luxury watches, but it is clear why this one is so expensive.

Jacob & Co. Rasputin Diamond Erotic Minute Repeater

If you think it is difficult for Astronomia to reach the top, you are right in most cases-but not for Conor McGregor. The fighter also shared his obsession with another Jacob & Co. timepiece with some very discreet but complicated complications. The Rasputin Diamond Erotic Minute Repeater watch is a rare series of five pieces, priced at 1.5 million pounds. The case and dial are completely covered with diamonds-a total weight of nearly 30 carats. The case is quite large, but smaller than Astronomia, 47 mm in diameter and 17.9 mm thick.

If you have the opportunity to see a metal case, you will be surprised. Not only will you hear the exquisite timekeeping of the minute repeater, but you will also find yourself blinded by the brilliance of the all-diamond watch. You will also notice the hidden pornography mechanism of the watch. When the minute repeater slider is activated, it will show a couple having sex. Although many erotic watches display “naughty” complications on the back of the watch, Jacob & Co. has developed a good compromise for the owner of the watch, with an active window on the front. This makes sense when you consider the price of a watch. It is not the clock you want to take off in the club to laugh with your friends.

If luxury is a game this week, I think it can be said that Conor McGregor won the knockout this week-he bought a Jacob & Co. fake watch worth £2.2 million in his new Rolls-Royce. KO, Checkmate, do whatever you want.