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Explore U-BOAT watches

Just like their country of origin, fake U-Boat watches attract anyone who is fortunate enough to witness them with their declared-size case, the large crown on the left side of the case, and the breathtakingly complex dial. They are different from most ordinary luxury watches. They are simple in design and do not have too many complicated functions. Instead, they focus on high-quality manufacturing and convey a discerning taste, confidence and sense of strength.

The U-Boat brand has a fascinating story. It began in 1942 when Ilvo Fontana, a talented craftsman of precision engineering instruments, was commissioned by the Italian Navy to design and manufacture watches for its naval pilots. The watch must follow a set of very precise technical specifications, while ensuring maximum reliability and readability under any light or weather conditions. However, due to the times, the project could not be realized. In 2000, Iivo’s grandson Italo Fontana discovered these designs and decided to use them as the inspiration for the first U-Boat watch ever.

Since that day, Italo Fontana has designed every U-Boat watch on the market, giving them a personality that can be instantly recognized from a few yards away. Each U-Boat watch also continues to be designed and manufactured in Italy at the brand’s headquarters in Lucca, Tuscany. With Swiss-made movement and unique technology and materials as the core, U-Boat watches cannot be ignored. Let us learn more about all the latest U-Boat watch series…

U-Boat Chimera Watch
The U-shaped submarine Chimera watch series is more appropriately named after a fire-breathing hybrid creature in Greek mythology composed of parts of an animal. These watches are beautifully crafted using a variety of different materials, from mother-of-pearl and bronze to titanium and laser-cut fine lines.

Another distinctive feature of the U-Boat Chimera watch is that the case is equipped with a unique crown cover and a button on the left for easy operation. The case is also locked together by the outer tube on the bezel and the case back to ensure complete waterproofness. We really like the U-Boat Chimera Net watch, which shows a skeletonized dial with four superimposed layers. The last layer is carefully crafted by laser-cut fine stainless steel wire mesh, demonstrating the complex mechanical movement below it.

U-Boat Classico watch
Their most iconic model, the U-Boat Classico watch represents the pure and timeless design concept of Italo Fontana. It will never fade like ordinary fashion. These eye-catching instruments continue to have distinguishable left watch crown positions and unique U-Boat crown guards, but compared to U-Boat Chimera, they offer a series of more classic-looking dial designs.

The U-shaped submarine classic watch series has recently ushered in the Classico Sommerso, which is called the newly added U-shaped submarine, which represents the passion dedicated to diving Italo Fontana. Although most U-Boat watches are designed to withstand the rigorous requirements of deep-sea diving, Classico Sommerso has a new personalized bezel with a 60-minute scale and unidirectional rotation to provide ultimate help underwater.

U-Boat U-42 ​​Watch
The U-shaped submarine U-shaped 42 watch series has some of the most unique and bold pieces of the brand. One of its most famous designs is the U-Boat U-42 ​​Unicum, designed by Italo Fontana itself, made of lightweight titanium with an IP black coating. The bold musical instruments are entirely handmade and processed by Italian craftsmen to ensure that each limited edition piece is unique, while the skulls decorated on the naturally aged bronze dial depict the brand’s rebellious nature.

For a more classic aesthetic, the U-Boat U-42 ​​GMT watch displays a clean dial with excellent functions including hours, minutes and seconds, a 24-hour hand, a third time zone and a date window. The titanium structure of the unidirectional rotating bezel, the lockable lever and the 12 o’clock ball indicator made of scratch-resistant ceramic are hardly to be missed. This timepiece is very suitable for mainland funnelers who want to make a statement.

U-Boat Capsoil Watch
Another unique design that goes beyond the boundaries of traditional watchmaking, U-Boat Capsoil watches use a Swiss movement motor core, completely immersed in low-viscosity lubricating oil. This liquid not only flows through the entire movement, but also flows into the dial, creating an absolute jet black finish and constantly moving compensation bubbles that distort and enlarge the field of vision of the pointer.

The U-shaped submarine Capsoil is truly unique, and you must see it with your own eyes to believe it. The series currently has four main models: two standard three-handed models, one stainless steel material and one titanium material. The other two show excellent timing functions, with 12 o’clock, 3 o’clock and 6 o’clock layouts, and stainless steel or titanium cases are also available.

U-Boat 1939 Doppiotempo watch
The U-Boat 1939 Doppiotempo watch is a new product in 2019, unique in its own collection, and can only be ordered exclusively through CW Sellors Jura Watches in the past few months. This fantastic model commemorates the many watches commissioned by Italo Fontana by Italian and international special forces (including Carabinieri’s GIS (Special Intervention Team)).

The U-shaped ship 1939 Doppiotempo watch is mainly inspired by the model created by the historic 9th Paratrooper Commando Regiment “Yamaguchi Moschin”. Its 200-piece limited edition has already caused a sensation with its Swiss-made self-winding movement, 43 mm satin-finished stainless steel case and two detachable crowns on the left to change the time and date.

U-Boat cheap watches
U-Boat Precious watches are some of the most luxurious and unique watches in the U-Boat series, rich in selected precious stones, including white diamonds, black diamonds, rubies and sapphires. These breathtaking gems are hand-set by talented Italian craftsmen in the U-Boat workshop in Tuscany.

Our favorite U-Boat Precious watch must be the spectacular Black Swan model, which is made of 18-carat gold and decorated with 11,000 black diamonds. Some of the diamonds at the bottom of the case are even set back to give the appearance of spikes and rebellion. The U-Boat Precious watch collection is only designed for the most attractive men and women.

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