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TOP table hot search ranking: November key bulletin

According to the practice of previous years, the last quarter should be the season for waiting for the arrival of the watch. However, until October or even November this year, there are still many new watches exposed. Therefore, this month’s watch guide [100 Hot search rankings] In addition to the consistently strong ROLEX and AUDEMARS PIGUET sports watches, many new faces are also on the list, which proves that the long-selling hot models are deeply rooted, but the newly released watches are like guerrillas. Good for brand visibility. What are the key topics or trends this month? Share with you below.

  1. Rolex Datejust clicks rose: This year’s new Datejust has increased the number of clicks this month, including palm leaf dials, triangular pit dials, and green, blue and gold surfaces have attracted attention. These models are actually very good in foreign markets, and even have premium performance. They are worn with rich metallic gloss and feel like a high-end watch. Recently, they may increase the search and click interest due to the arrival of goods one after another.
  2. Patek Philippe announced three new complex chronographs: near the end of the year, there were even large watches with highly complex styles exposed. This is a news of the active industry. Although the price of the watch is not affordable for ordinary people, it includes a stainless steel complication watch 5905 with very few PATEK PHILIPPE. /1A, quite attracting the attention of powerful collectors.
  3. Overseas Special Edition Hot Fermentation: The popularity of the two Overseas Everest Special Editions released by Vacheron Constantin at the end of September accumulates in October. Although there are only a few limited editions and not a popular choice, they are attractive to top watch fans.
  4. Other key new styles: OMEGA’s Chronoscope chronograph equipped with a new hand-winding movement was launched in four dial colors at a time, for a total of seven new styles; ROO with the AUDEMARS PIGUET “Captain America” ​​color scheme attracted attention for the first time.

Datejust heats up at the end of the year

ROLEX Datejust 126200 Olive Green
ROLEX’s Datejust is generally not a popular series. Moreover, when the new model was launched at the beginning of the year, the response was generally mediocre. I did not expect that the popularity will become stronger as it approaches the end of the year. Perhaps the increase in arrivals stimulates search enthusiasm. There are many Datejusts coming this month In the list, the green palm leaf surface plate 126200 ranks at the top, and the Chrono 24 also has a premium that is more than double the price; other models include the blue triangle pit pattern surface 126234 and the Two-tone golden triangle pattern surface 126233.

Patek Philippe publishes three complicated chronographs

Patek Philippe unveiled three complex timepieces with chronograph functions, which are rare complex masterpieces at the end of the year, including 5905/1A stainless steel annual calendar chronograph, 5930P-001 world time zone chronograph, and 5204R-011 split-second perpetual calendar chronograph. Among them, 5905/1A and 5930P-001 are rare green-faced watches in PP, with bright and eye-catching colors; in particular, 5905/1A is a stainless steel complication watch with very few watch kings. The relatively low price may also become a power watch fan. We have the new standard of PP.

Collectors Love Overseas Special Edition

Inspired by the prototype watch that was co-operated with American explorer Cory Richards for two years, the Overseas Everest Limited Edition was launched, including Dual-time 7910V and Chronograph 5510V. The stainless steel case is matched with a titanium bezel, crown and button guard. The gray-blue grained dial with bright orange pointers is very eye-catching, showing a very different style from the current Overseas. In addition, the watches are limited to 150 pieces each, and the number is small, which is a rare item for collectors who love high-end sports watches.

Three timing functions for one time

The Speedmaster Chronoscope chronograph of OMEGA OMEGA combines the characteristic design of a 1940s chronograph with a diameter of 43mm, which is a relatively large watch in the Speedmaster series. The slender leaf-shaped pointer, Pump pusher handle, and the “snail” design on the dial are printed with three unique timing scales, which can be measured including tachymeter scale, pulse meter scale and distance measuring scale. Three wishes are satisfied at once. The watch is equipped with 9900-based hand-winding calibre 9908, certified by the Master Observatory, and launches up to 4 dial colors at one time, including stainless steel models with blue, white, and panda, each with a metal bracelet or Leather strap; there is also a bronze gold brown surface, with leather strap, so there are 7 models in total. Blue noodles are currently the most popular, followed by silver noodles and Panda Dial.

Royal Oak’s most intimate black ceramic

In 2021, AP launched two new 34mm models. Among them, this one is the most eye-catching style, which is the smallest automatic winding watch in the Royal Oak series. The watch is made of black ceramic, and it is currently the only fully black ceramic watch with basic functions. . Because the case and strap are made of black ceramics (the bottom cover is made of titanium), and the polished ceramics are very beautiful, it has become the biggest highlight of this watch. The dial uses a large Grande Tapisserie checkered pattern, with fluorescent coating rose gold three-dimensional hour markers, the movement is equipped with a newly developed automatic winding 5800 movement. All black ceramics are eye-catching, but the diameter of the watch is too small. Many male watch fans can only look forward to the watch and sigh.

Meiman color matching is really eye-catching

AUDEMARS PIGUET Royal Oak Offshore Selfwinding Chronograph Special Edition

Audemars Piguet launched a special edition of the self-winding chronograph at Royal Oak Offshore. The 44 mm stainless steel case is matched with a blue ceramic bezel, dial and crown, lined with a red inner ring and hands. Coupled with the blue and red rubber strap, the eye-catching color scheme is called “Captain America” ​​by watch fans. In addition to this blue and red color scheme, there is also a blue and yellow color scheme, which is also 100% eye-catching.