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Hands-on: Jacob & Co Astronomy Dragon

Today’s post is about Wholesale watches from a brand known for watches that should not be missed; usually because the brand uses a lot of gemstones, but usually because Jacob & Co does not shy away from eye-catching wrist accessories.

The Astronomia series is particularly eye-catching because of its unique work and the use of miniature sculptures that surround the movement. In the case of the Astronomica dragon in this article, hand-carved and hand-carved 18-carat white gold (the dragon also appears in other Astronimica works, including rose gold and even black), with one-carat diamonds. Diamonds are also a common feature of these works.

In addition to undulating around the movement, Long also holds a magnesium blue lacquered globe that rotates every 30 seconds.

It took three months for a single artist to complete the dragon. The dragon was assembled by four small screws. The dragon hovered around the dual-axis tourbillon of the manually wound JCAM25 movement, which beats at 21,600VPH and has a power reserve of 60 hours. . The first frame of the tourbillon rotates in 60 seconds, and the second frame rotates in 2.5 minutes.

The 18k white gold case it is in is 50 mm and the thickness is 25 mm. The latter is irrelevant in some respects, because the side is through the sapphire hole to appreciate what is inside.

Reference AT102.30.DR.UA Astronomia Dragon Swiss. Whether you think this watch (or any watch) should have such a price tag is one thing, but this is a miniature sculpture worth seeing even if it’s not something you usually like.