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Breitling Avenger AVG Flying Tigers 80th Anniversary Taiwan Limited Edition

Domineering to defend the sky! Breitling Avenger AVG Flying Tigers 80th Anniversary Taiwan Limited Edition

Breitling launched the Avenger AVG Flying Tigers 80-week limited edition in Taiwan to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the “Flying Tigers” born during World War II. The model is based on the 2019 Breitling Avenge Automatic GMT 45 Night Mission Dual Time Watch. The lower part of the dial is decorated with the distinctive Flying Tigers color identification logo, and the black DLC titanium caseback is engraved with the Flying Tigers. The English words for the 80th anniversary of the team, each with a limited number and a global limit, perfectly inherit the domineering spirit of the Flying Tigers in those years, and continue to write the indissoluble bond with the history of aviation with actions.

The inspiration for the Avenger AVG Flying Tigers 80th Anniversary Taiwan Limited Edition comes from the American Volunteer Group (AVG) of the Republic of China Air Force established on August 1, 1941. It is decorated with the shell of the P-40 fighter piloted by the pilot. With the logo of the tiger with wings, it is nicknamed the Flying Tigers. This flying squadron was founded by retired U.S. Army Air Force Captain Claire Lee Chennault (Claire Lee Chennault). He was served by the National Government as an Air Force adviser in 1937. During the difficult and treacherous situation during World War II, it was managed by U.S. President Ross. With support and acquiescence, about 100 active, retired, and reserve American soldiers were assembled at that time, plus about 100 P-40 fighters in the initial period, to formally establish the AVG Flying Tigers, which is still popular today.

Flying Tigers 80th Anniversary Taiwan Limited Edition Watch diameter 45mm, black DLC titanium case/time indicator, date window, second time zone/32-type automatic movement/42-hour power reserve/Swiss official observatory certification (COSC) /Waterproof to 300 meters

The prototype of this fake watch is the Breitling Avenge Automatic GMT 45 Night Mission released in 2019. It uses a lightweight and tough 45 mm DLC-coated titanium case with a strong waterproof capacity of 300 meters. Equipped with a black dial with central hour, minute and second hands, as well as an hour hand indicating the second time zone. The white Arabic numeral hour markers are inspired by the steel-printed numerals on the deck of an aircraft carrier. The hands and hour markers are coated with Super-LumiNova® fluorescent coating. Layer, the time can be easily read under any lighting conditions. The Breitling self-winding 32-type automatic mechanical movement hidden in the case has a power reserve of about 42 hours, certified by the Swiss Official Astronomical Observatory (COSC), and is equipped with a black or khaki military strap with a buckle.

Taiwan’s Breitling has been discussing with Switzerland for a long time. In addition to the use of the classic brand logo with “wings”, the colorfully painted logo of the Flying Tigers at the bottom of the face plate also has a good story. According to historical records, this logo is the delegation of the Republic of China. The team logo entrusted to the Disney Company was designed with the concept of “a tiger with wings leaping forward towards the target, with a raised tail, intertwined with the body to form the English letter V which symbolizes victory.” In addition, the limited serial number 01-80 is engraved on the top of the black DLC titanium case back, and the bottom is “AVG 80th ANNIVERSARY”. After deducting the number 4, which is more taboo by the Chinese, this watch is limited to 63 pieces.

It is worth mentioning that at the stage of the creation of this commemorative watch, Taiwan’s Breitling Special Committee was appointed by General Tian Zaimai as a consultant. With deep flight experience, he was one of the first batch of test pilots for the Air Force to fly the F-16. He also assumed the important mission of the Air Force’s military attaché in the United States. During his stay in the United States, he established good relations with all walks of life in the United States. The captain of the Fifth Wing and the 40th principal of the Air Force Academy. Based on General Tian Zaimai’s deep inscriptions on the history of World War II and the Flying Tigers, he has held “Flying Tiger Salary” speeches in Taiwan and the United States for many years. He is fortunate to witness the development process of the 80th anniversary of the Breitling Avenger AVG Flying Tigers Taiwan limited edition. He not only actively participated in the whole process, but also felt proud. copy men watch