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The amazing man who made the swiss MB&F traditional machine, amazing It has been ten years since Max Büsser introduced his Legacy Machine watch to us. This not only shows a whole new dimension for his brand MB&F, but also has received universal praise from even the most discerning watch collectors. To be fair, by 2011, Büsser had left an indelible place among the greatest leader classics in the watchmaking industry. Although the world today has rekindled enthusiasm for independent watchmaking, Büsser’s attention to them is the most critical.

Today, the legend of Büsser has become a popular watch folklore. In the crazy recovery of the complex watchmaking industry, he found himself as the young CEO of Harry Winston, but his own internal acumen was zero, so he hired Francois Paul Jon, Wei Friends such as Anne Halt, Felix Baumgartner, and Martin Frey provided them with the rare opportunity of a lifetime-to commission the creation of the wildest and most innovative watches in the world’s history. He named this project “Opus”, and suddenly, with the support of similarly energetic partners such as Michael Tay of The Hour Glass, the world suddenly realized the extraordinary beauty and extraordinary creativity of independent watchmaking.

Büsser’s next move is to create its own brand, with the same creativity as Opus’s successful cooperation spirit. Appropriately named Maximilian Büsser & Friends, the initial focus of the brand was Horological Machines, as I said when I first saw them, “time-telling dynamic art form”, collected them from comics and science fiction Image. For me, the difference between Max’s watches and the watches of other modernist creators lies in his attention to detail, exquisite finish and genuine original thinking. Soon after he created the HM4 in 2010, this watch looks like two rocket ships sitting on your wrist. Given the rapid change in taste towards retro and classic watchmaking, everyone has one in their minds. The question is whether the futuristic vision of Büsser’s hedonism still applies to the following ten years.

Obviously, Büsser has realized this in some way, and keenly realized that a more classic Max Büsser watch will win him a whole new audience. Therefore, in the first year of the second decade of the third millennium, Büsser introduced the Legacy Machines he would have created if he had lived in the age of Ferdinand Berthoud and Antide Janvier. These watches herald a level of completion that can only be described as sublime, and emphasize that incredible creativity can coexist with classic values. These watches show that MB&F is not a single product brand, and the imagination of Max Büsser is unlimited.

Michael Tay said: “Although we are all big fans of Horological Machines, Max’s Legacy Machines caught us off guard. But this is Max’s problem-he is one of the smartest people I know, and he is a kind of other people There are very few ways to incorporate the zeitgeist spirit. This is why he has been defined as a pioneer; he even knows where the world is going and what people want before we can express ourselves. Legacy Machines demonstrates that it is difficult Believed in the depth of classic watchmaking knowledge. For me, they are one of the most beautiful and collectible watches of the past decade.”

On the occasion of the celebration of the 10th anniversary of Legacy Machine and the release of LMX, I talked to Max and I realized the profound humanity story behind the glorious ten years of watchmaking. So much so that I want to tell the story of these amazing watches in Max’s own words-not from the technical details behind each watch, but from his relationship with the humans who helped him create them or inspired him. Here are some incredible stories that made the Legacy Machine project so successful. Although this has been abridged in writing, you should watch the following two video interviews with Max to understand the full depth of these stories.

Basically, his idea is to create the simplest perpetual calendar in the world. This will be a mechanism that can advance when all indicators are synchronized, but each indicator can also be adjusted individually using the pusher. Finally, it will use a clutch corrector system, which will simply be blocked or disengaged when the movement may be potentially damaged. This means that you can give the watch to anyone and they will be able to adjust it without worrying about damaging it. best swiss replica watches

I asked him if he had designed this movement, and he replied that he did not, but he could see it in his mind. I thought about it and decided to owe him a favor. I will fund his project for one year; if we make progress, that would be great, if not, then there would be no harm. But every time I meet, I get more excited about this project. In the end, the birth of LM Perpetual took three and a half years, but this is how the project started.

People tell me they really like the design of LM Perpetual, but ironically, this is a watch that I have nothing to do with design. It’s all Stephen. People also asked me why I decided to launch this EVO version with a zircon case and rubber strap, and I replied that I made this watch for myself. I live in Dubai, so my wife, daughter and I often go to the beach or swimming pool. I’m tired of people asking what I did and can’t show them the watch on my wrist because everything I do is on the belt. This is why the LM Perpetual EVO has a screw-in crown and is waterproof, so I can show people what I do by the pool.